06 January 2012

Crow Dogs finally got released!

I have been super excited about these models ever since they first appeared early last year, they have tons of potential to be used for anything from Weird WW2, Vietnam, Post Apocalypse etc

The boxed set will be released this month! Hopefully this means that all the other stuff like the small and medium spider mechas will also be released soon.
Armed with Shotguns and Grenades the Crow Dog are formidable offensive troops backed up by a Shaman and a Wendigo . Just the thing for taking on German Zombies."

Edit: They are now available in the West Wind online store!


  1. I'm not sure about the Wendigo, but the others are almost tailor made as 'Blackfeet' for the Fallout universe, providing you paint a few of them with European complexions.

    I think they're amongst the best 'alternative' figures I'v seen for a while!

  2. They are in the shop here.

  3. i have been waiting for these for ages now! glad to see em out.

  4. Oh yes, just the thing to match up against those daemonic Nazi hordes!

    And good for scout type characters like "Billy" from Predator too!

  5. Would make a great Oklahoma or other State Guard unit. I could do without the shotguns though. Waste of a unit to only arm them with shotguns.


  6. Nice tip, I do believe my Necromunda Ratskins just got some serious reinforcements!

  7. Oh those are nice. very useful for lots of periods/games.


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