03 January 2012

Gladiator: Riglach

This is the barbarian miniature that comes with the Velite, archer and dart thrower blister from Crusader miniatures. In the main rules there are only profiles for something called "Gallus" which is a quite generic early Imperial era gladiator influenced by the Gauls. However I found that one boring, also there are the slave profiles which aren't really what I was looking for either. So I remembered I had the "Barbarians in the arena"-pdf which can be downloaded for free from Warhammer Historical. The document contains numerous profiles on additional Gladiators. Such as Celts, Picts, Dacians, Thracians, Germans and Judaeans. The document also provides some additional animals, crazy stuff like pygmies, mythological creatures such as giants and ogres. It also provides a decent amount of gods and hero profiles to use as arena champions.

So I decided I would use the Celtic warrior elite "Riglach" profile for this model. The description matched pretty well with the miniature. Celtic sword and shield as well as chainmail. Very high courage and skill numbers in the profile, but also counts as "very heavy" so he moves painfully slow. For the Celts (Celtic arenas) there are also optional rules for how to rise among the ranks in the arena - which involves cutting of the heads of opponents killed in battle. With the requirement that the opponents fought bravely throughout the fight and were killed honorably in close combat. However I will not use that rule in my Imperial arena.

Once I prep the next batch there will be a few more "Gladiator"-movie inspired miniatures, some Lannista's and a few other cool miniatures to round off my Gladiator collection.


  1. Very nice paint job!

    I've tried him a couple of times in 2x2 combats, and his movement really keeps him behind.
    That alone allows the opponents to choose where and how they want to fight him, and as a direct result he ends up being charged by 2 gladiators most of the times.
    By then, armour helps but tends not to be enough.

  2. @Axtklinge, I hope my own house rule of using the Disciplina + D6 when rolling attacks balances him up further. The 3 movement is really slow imo.

  3. He appears to be well fed, dressed, and determined!

  4. @Anatoli: I've used that for a few games and it definitly helps.
    I have however been trying out one other thing, both to make it easier to gaming newbies, and to make it faster (with no sums):
    Instead of adding "Disciplina + d6", I've been trying a single dice, proportional to the Disciplina of the gladiator (So for D=3 I use a D6, D=4 I use a D8, D=5 use a D10...)
    I begun with dice equal to de Disciplina, but it wasent so pratical and D5's arent easy to find... ;)
    Lets see how it works for a few more games.


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