06 January 2012

Gladiator: Rival Lannista's

Painted these two up as Lannista's, choice of colors was inspired by the characters Batiatus and Solonius from the tv show Spartacus (if you ask me the show is mediocre at best, though the "Gods of the Arena" season was a vast improvement in all aspects). Both characters are interesting and as I was painting I was thinking about how to incorporate that rivalry and political ass kissing into a Gladiator campaign.

There are already 2 proposed campaign options in the Gladiator rulebook and I think they have good and interesting parts but neither feels 100% complete. I might throw together something of my own based on the stuff in the rulebook and the ideas I have for adding something resembling "fame" for the Lannista characters depending on how successfull their Ludus is.

I have two more high ranking city officials which look wonderfully greedy and corrupt. Also around the corner are my two remaining "Gladiator"-movie characters Commodus and Tigris of Gaul. Adding the city officials might also push me to complete a VIP booth to add on top of one of the arena corners.


  1. Great figures: both the sculpt and the paint!

  2. Nicely done, agree about the Spartacus show as "Gods of the Arena" wasn't bad......

  3. Excellent stuff, look forward to seeing your campaign proposals also

  4. Very nice and clean paint job, congrats!


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