16 January 2012

Hilarious Battlestar Galactica skit from Portlandia

Discovered the show "Portlandia" while being stuck in bed over the last couple of days, the show is portraying very weird and annoying subcultures in a hilarious way (honestly Portland does not seem much different from Lund when it comes to the amount of weirdos, hipsters and alternative lifestyle morons).

So anyway, season 2 just started and in episode 2 they had a Battlestar Galactica theme going ,which if you are a fan of the show then will most likely be able to identify with the content and also think it is the funniest thing you have seen for a long while. Basically the two main characters become addicted to BSG and then like crack addicts react violently when the show ends, so they seek out the guy they think are the writer of the show and make him write "one more episode" and even manage to get parts of the BSG cast to come in for a reading.

Someone have cut and pasted together a video of all Battlestar Galactica fragments from that particular episode and you can see it on YouTube. A must see for all BSG fans:

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