31 January 2012

MDF bases from Warbases.co.uk

Just a short review of these bases. I placed a tiny order last week to see if this was something I would be interested in using for my By Fire and Sword project as a substitute to the metal bases - and something cheaper (and precut) to the plasticard I used for my Polish dragoons.

Instant reaction to everything goes something like this:

Bases are very cheap, and the shipping is equally dirt cheap. I just placed an order for two packs, 1 pack of 20 4x2cm bases and 1 pack of 18 4x3cm bases (infantry and cavalry standard for BF&S). I think I paid 5 Euro in total, shipping included (think it was 1.5 or 2 Euro).

Beside the bases being cheap Warbases.co.uk also managed to please all areas of concern. Email on order status, and again when the bases were shipped. Easy payment. Fast delivery (5 days). And overall friendly customer service.

So two thumbs up for these guys. Check them out, they have all sorts of bases for all kinds of games (FoW included) and movement trays, markers and a bunch of other stuff.


  1. Oh yes. I discovered Warbases a couple of years ago, and it's a great deal for your money

  2. He does good clean bases, I have quiet a lot....and he's a nice guy!

  3. I've placed numerous orders over the last few years and always been very happy with the great service and fast shipping of Warbases.


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