19 January 2012

Polish 7P tank (1:56) painted and tutorial (sort of)

And here's how it looks painted up and ready to go. Still need a cut out a plasticard base for this model but other than that it is finished. There are a few changes to the paintjob/camo pattern on this vehicle compared to the rest of my Polish stuff. I compiled a rough walkthrough on how I painted this model which has been added to this post just below.

The entire tank was basecoated with Foundation "Orkhide shade" as with every other Polish vehicle. Then I tried out a new technique to mimic sort of "airbrushed" camo, I painted this tank by kinda making this "stabbing" motion with a worn out brush to form the rough layout of the camo patterns using Foundation "Dheneb Stone" and Vallejo "Scorched earth".

I then gave the model a wash of Vallejo Smoke mixed with GW Devlan Mud Wash. I then proceeded to add a second layer on the camo pattern, starting with the bright areas - which I now painted in a similar fashion as before but this time hitting them with Vallejo  "Dark Sand". The brown pattern was a mix of Foundation "Calthan Brown" and Vallejo "Scorched Earth".
Finishing the camo pattern by cleaning it up a little on the green areas with a something like a 40-60 mix of Foundation "Knarloc Green" and Foundation "Orkhide Shade".

Outlined/highlighted all the edges with a mix of black and scorched brown. Tracks were painted Scorched brown, and then drybrushed with Foundation "Khemri brown".

I also wanted this vehicle to have proper 1939 markings as opposed to the other vehicles I have. And I don't remember where I read it but according to some historical source the Poles covered the tank markings of their tanks at the outbreak of the German invasion. Don't remember why, but there was clearly a lack of visible tank markings - which if you check historical pictures from the September campaign you will notice this lack of markings to be quite clear.  Still, I wanted something and I searched the internet for a little while until I remembered I had an Osprey book on Polish tank units during WW2 which I had found in pieces on the internet and saved on my hard drive. One of the pages showed the tank markings of 2nd and 3rd Light tank battalions.

I went with the 3rd tank battalion marking since I thought it looked cooler, it is a "Zubr"/"Wisent" or "European bison" painted in white inside a white circle. I also marked the side of the vehicle to belong to "3rd platoon". On the other side, instead of mirroring the 3rd battalion insignia I wanted a name for the tank so I chose "Husarz" which the Polish spelling of Hussar (most often associated with "Winged" hussars).

Really love this model, though I am biased, I think it looks so damn cool. Also attached below is a picture of the tank layout which I found when using Google picture search while trying to find some tank markings (annoyingly enough I found more stuff from my own blog than of what I was actually looking for...).  The big fat round thing next to the cannon is the 7.92mm machine gun, the round thing is actually a metal case meant to protect the gun. Also, the "hump" on the turret is where the radio is mounted.


  1. Lovely work on the camo, I'll be trying it out on my combat walkers.

  2. Nice work - Im doing the same thing in 3mm scale, so this is all useful stuff.

    Looking fwd to seeing you add some artillery and aircraft in as well (you know you want to !!!)

    Thx for posting !

  3. Very nice painting; well thought out and executed!

  4. Very nicely painted, I really liked how you delved into your painting techniques and colour usage. Kudos on the freehanding of the European Bison and circle. It looks almost identical to the example. The infantry alongside it look gorgeous too. Great work all round.

  5. Thanks for the comments guys :-)

    @steveoc - haha well adding one of those interwar airplanes would make for a nice Back of Beyond force I think. The more early war stuff I add to this part of my collection the more I want to play some sort of fictional border war skirmish games with them.

  6. Lovely work Anatoli. I will use your instructions for mine when I get a chance to paint mine.



    1. Thanks Helen, good luck with yours. Your stuff is always extremely well painted so I can't wait to see the result :-)


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