18 January 2012

Polish 7TP tank from Warlord Games review

As some of you might have noticed, Warlord Games recently expanded their range of WW2 miniatures with the Polish 7TP tank. I've crossed my fingers for some years now waiting for its release and I placed an order as soon as it was up in their online store. This tank could be used both for early war games as well as fictional conflicts set during the late interwar period.

So it arrived yesterday, and while I forgot to take pictures of the individual pieces I took a bunch of pictures "pre undercoat" for a little product review.

I have both good and bad things to say about my particular cast.

The good first:
This is as far as I know the only 1:56 Polish 7TP tank on the market, so credits to Warlord Games for making one! The sculpt itself looks good, and the resin also seem to be of high quality.  What little flash there was between the wheels and tracks I easily peeled away with a knife. Resin parts are quite crisp.

Few parts make it quick and easy to assemble, the pieces have been cast in a way so that they interlock with each other and make it easy to know exactly how to fit them together. The whole model is made up of a hull a turret and the tracks all cast in resin, while the 37mm cannon, commander hatch and the tow bar are made out of metal. The cannon has a small "pin" and there's a hole in the resin turret where it fits together.

The bad:
A few air bubbles, these are present in pretty much all vehicles that I have bought from Warlord Games so nothing new but it should be mentioned

But the main thing that let me down a little was the "wobbly"/misshaped tracks. And as the moulds is brand new I have no idea whether this has to do with the mould or the casting process of the batch of models from which I bought mine. The exact problem is the whole piece that makes up the tracks is bent in such a  way that the tracks look "bowlegged" while the area which has contact with the tank hull makes a gap both in the back and in the front. I tried to fix it as good as I could with warm water, I'm no expert when it comes to fixing misshaped resin. I did snap the tracks on the track pieces (they are very thin) in 3 places while trying to reform the piece  that looked the worst but fortunately you can't see that.

Also the tracks themselves seem to be slightly misshaped as well, the angle looks just a bit off compared to the metal plates surrounding the tracks.

I'm sure the miniature will look great when painted, but by enthusiasm was slightly subdued due to the problems with the track pieces. I hope this will get sorted out in the future because it would be a shame to have such a nice model dragged down by this issue.

The pictures show the model from all angles, and a few size comparisons with the Warlord Games Polish infantry/cavalry as well as one of their Cromwell tanks. I will put this model on a plasticard base just as I did with the rest of my 1:56 vehicles to bring them up a bit to the level of the infantry.


  1. I see you know the hot water trick, but have you been persistent enough? For figure weapons/stafs, it's usually enough to put it under tap for a few seconds or blow on it with a hair drier, but I'd immerse a bigger chunk whole and let it in for a few minutes. It also seems to help to cool it down fast with cold water, when you have it in the desired shape, otherwise it can re-gain its former shape quite fast.
    Resin sometime tends to get wonky (I think it has to do with cooling), but if the piece is miscast, that's another problem. Spartan Games used simple gravity casting for their first Firestorm Armada pieces and those things sometimes didn't fit no matter what you did. I wouldn't imagine that to be the case with Warlord though ...

  2. Yes I know the hot water trick simply because I’ve read up on it on the internet recently and talked to a friend who had fixed his Polish armored train from Battlefront this way. I still think it is a rather obscure method for those not used to dealing with this kind of problems.

    These pieces were not as much miscast as "warped" - which would be the correct word but I could not phrase myself in the review. One track piece was warped in a concave way and easily fixed. The other track however was warped in two directions. The inner part warped outwards and the tracks warped inwards so pressure had to be applied from 2 directions. I don't think it is visible now, or at least as much, when it has some paint to cover it up.

    But this was the first time I've experienced something like this from a Warlord tank kit, and I've had 5 tank kits and 3 tankettes from them in the past without anything resembling the problems I had with this tank.

  3. Casting issues and Warlord Games seem to go hand in hand. It's worrying that such a big company can seemingly allow figures to go out with more flash on them and in some cases more misscasts than the figures you'd get from much smaller companies. Nearly everything I've bought from Warlord has had something wrong with it. While I have no doubt their customer service is excellent, I can't be bothered to have to go through contacting them with every purchase, so I tend to avoid them a bit more these days :(

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