30 January 2012

Polish cavalry regiment command (BF&S)

The guy in charge of all the cossack style cavalry, winged hussars and pancerni that make up the Polish cavalry regiment. Really enjoyed painting this stand, and it was in many ways a warmup for the more irregular uniformed cossack style cavalry that I will be painting next.

The miniatures are from the "Polish leaders" blister from Wargamer just like any previous and upcoming units for this project. You get two command teams in the blister - with two different commanders, standard bearers and musicians. As this is the "big boss" I figured I would use the drummer instead of the bugler for this team which I will save for the 2iC.

You also get flags and banner poles just like in the Polish Dragoon box. And the quality of the miniatures was once again top notch. It is worth mentioning that you get a nice variation on the horses - blankets, saddles, pistols and other details make the various horses fell unique even if they share the pose with other miniatures.


  1. Thanks, I really enjoyed painting these, and I think I will put equal amount of effort into the upcoming "less uniformed" units. Especially since this game requires less miniatures than FoW I think it is a good idea to put a bit more effort into the painting.

  2. Great looking figs well done. Enjoying watching this project, keep 'em coming.

  3. +1 with the others. I really appreciate your work on this project.


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