28 January 2012

Polish Dragoon box painted up and ready

First box of Dragoons painted up, it will take another box to get a core company of dragoons - this is so far 2 small companies and the regiment command. I will however try to paint up a bit of everything from the other boxes I had ordered before I return to the second box of dragoons. This was also the first time I had mounted riders on sticks, up to this point I had gotten away with painting either the rider held in my hand or painting riders directly on the horses. But as the setup on each base is rather tight this was not possible. In the end this method worked out really well and I resolved to holding the stick on one hand while painting with the other and got a nice 360degree. Miniatures were held in place by Blu-tack which was easy to remove from the miniature and which was not affected by any paint splattered onto it.

Next up the company command for the Polish Crown cavalry regimentfollowed by cossack style cavalry, Pancerni and naturally a few stands of Winged Hussars.

Models are all "Wargamer" - By Fire and Sword range miniatures.

I will shortly also post a basic tutorial on painting horses in 15mm scale.
Stay tuned for more 17th century goodness!


  1. Good brushwork!
    It looks great.

  2. Very nicely done. They look great on the battlefield. They are going to look very impressive arrayed as a full army.


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