23 January 2012

Polish Dragoon company taking shape

First few stands painted up, my goal is to have the Dragoon box painted up by this weekend.

A tiny bit of info on Dragoons in "By Fire and Sword". They are truly meant to be infantry mounted on horses for transportation only - to keep up with the cavalry companies. Dragoons in this game have very poor fighting skill in close combat when mounted, and also suffer from bad discipline in that mode which works against them when resolving who won a close combat.

Dragoons can dismount in 2 ways. Either everyone dismounts, and they lose their horses for the remainder of the game - or 1 in every 4 stands remain mounted and "guard the horses". The unit can dismount and mount as they see fit over the course of the game.

While dismounted they can use "fire and advance" drill , or if the Dragoon unit is of a good rating they can also fire "salvo".

Dragoon companies are also good for sending out on reconnaissance prior to a battle.


  1. They are bloody nice, lovely work....

  2. "or 1 in every 4 stands remain mounted" ... not true. 1 out of 3 bases. In a 6 base strong unit 4 bases can dismount. 2 guard the hourses.

    Great paiting! Can not wait Pancerni and Husaria paiting tutorial.

  3. Hmm, I interpreted the dragoon rule to include 4 bases, it would have been logical in regard to the Dragoon box content as well - and my idea was to field them in units of 4 bases.

  4. Anatoli, basic size of dragoons' company is 2 bases but You can have company of 3 as well. You cannot field company of 4, but You can field squadron of 2 companies, 2 bases each.

  5. Yeah I'm thinking about doing the squadron option to make the Dragoon units slightly larger. I'm thinking of doing the same with Cossack cavalry and Pancerni as well further down the road:-)

    It says you can put together up to 6 stands of cavalry or dragoons.

  6. Of course there is no point (on majority of occassions) to field companies/banners as separate units, as after all You'll have only limited number of orders per turn. It's always good to have in mind number of squadrons You can make, when composing troops to Your 'podjazd' (1st level). With 6 basses of cavalry/dragoons per squadron that gives You either option of two larger (3 bases each) or 3 smaller (2 bases each) companies/banners.


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