08 January 2012

Strange Aeons: The Devils Hop Yard

This is the first part out of a 3 part chronicle about the adventures of special agent Hunter Wylie and his fellow Threshold agent as they travel the area of New England in the autumn of 1921, trying to prevent the rise of evil cults and eliminating grotesque monstrosities plaguing the country folk.  

Part 1 “The Devils Hop Yard”
The first assignment of special agent Wylie was to investigate the rise of a new cult, specializing in human sacrifice in order to summon monstrosities from other dimensions. A potentially high risk task since no one could know how powerful a beast the local cult could summon – it all depended on the stock of the cultists themselves.

The Threshold team was made up of Hunter Wylie (character) armed with his trusty .45 caliber pistol and hollow point bullets for extra stopping power. To his aid he had Professor Henry Armitage (agent) of the Miskatonic university, he knew how to speak the languages of the Old Ones and would thus be a perfect companion to bring along if the team ended up finding anything peculiar in the field. The third man of the team was the rugged Ike Madison who was the weapon specialist who brought along his trusty double barreled shotgun. Agent Wylie had also brought along his trusty dog Rufus, trained in the role of “attack dog”.

The Threshold team arrived by boat to the location pointed out as a hotspot of nightly rituals by the locals, a quick headcount of the suspects amounted to 1 Cult leader with a concealed double barreled shotgun, 2 cultists with crossbows and 4 cultists armed with knives and clubs.

As the Threshold team approached the area, the ritual was already on its way – the cult leader uttered some kind of guttural words that brought two of the cultists to slice open their own throats – spraying the statue of the great Cthulhu with their own blood as they dropped dead at its feet.  They were however of extremely poor stock these two, their lives worth but 4 summoning points.

The gruesome scene had to be stopped – the agents hastened towards the crime scene, weapons ready. Becoming aware of the uninvited guests the cult leader quickly orders the next pair of cultists to kill themselves, neither did the lives of  these two confused souls amount to much – great Cthulhu did only rate them to be worth an additional 3 summoning points. The cult leader was getting anxious and annoyed. He would have to utter the word of summoning soon else he would have the Threshold agents ruining everything!

Running around the nearby abandoned house the agents take up position near the graveyard wall and fire their guns at the cultists, missing the targets and instead hitting various obstacles. “We need to get closer!” yelled Wylie, even then the crossbow bolts were starting to fly past their heads as the alerted remaining cultists tried to keep the agents at bay. Ike Madison fires his shotgun with little effect. The cult leader now slightly panicked utters the words of command once more but stumbles over the words and the cultists hesitate at the last moment, knives just inches away from their neck artery. Rufus barks madly and jumps the wall, before the cultist by the statue knows what hit him the dog is already biting at his throat! The remaining cultists frenzied by the horrors around him plunges his knife into his chest – and drops at Cthulhu’s feet. Netting another 3 summoning points. The cultists were of very poor stock indeed.

The Cultist withdraws out of shooting range from the agents and starts speaking the words to summon forth a fire daemon. He hardly manages to pick up his book of summoning phrases when the crazy attack dog launches itself at him. Kicking and screaming he punches at the dog – who tries to bite at his legs. Finally the cult leader strikes a blow to the dogs head and kicks the unconscious animal aside. He then proceeds to finish his summoning ritual and just as agent Wylie jumps behind the blood smeared statue of great Cthulhu a monstrosity spawns out of thin air next to him – and immediately attacks him!

“What the hell?!” is all Wylie manages to utter before he starts wrestling with the hellish creature in front of the bewildered eyes of his fellow agents – the fight becomes an anticlimax for the cult leader who stands laughing in a evil manner just a couple of yards away – when the Fire daemon receives a mortal blow from agent Wylie and disappears back to whatever nightmarish dimension from which it had come. The Threshold agents, both dumbstruck at the majority of the cultists having already killed themselves and amazed at the fact that the monster had been killed so effortlessly now looked in the direction of the main suspect – the cult leader who was holed up behind a particularly obscuring gravestone and raving like a madman – firing his double barreled shotgun at them from behind cover.

“There is no reasoning with this one boss” stated Ike Madison and cocked his shotgun. Pointing to his fellow agents where to go agent Wylie hoped to outflank the madman and put him out of misery. Jumping out of cover simultaneously the agent’s fire their guns in a wild shootout, the cult leader take a bullet from professor Armitage and falls down – presumably dead. Lowering their guard and moving a bit closer the agents are attacked by the renewed ferocity of the wounded cult leader who now takes aim proceeds to fire back at the agents. Bullets fly around, hitting trees, tombstones or graze the arms and legs of the agents. Agent Wylie standing in the open takes a shot to the chest which knocks him out of action, swinging around towards the remaining two agents the cult leader squeezes off another pair of shots hitting agent Madison. Madison bites the dirt, professor Armitage is now firing his weak .22 caliber pistol at the cult leader but realizes that he is severely outgunned. Manning up, he utters a warrior howl and despite his old age he charges straight at the surprised cult leader.

The final moments of the Threshold team breaks down to dirty brawl -  Armitage receives a heavy blow to his head and is knocked unconscious. The cult leader realizes that he is wounded and bleeding, looking around him at the carnage with the dead cultist and wounded groaning agents he decides it is best to flee the scene before any of the locals show up to investigate the gunshots. He limps away from the crime scene.

The agents are really roughed up. Agent Wylie got away with just a couple of flesh wounds and minor injuries. Rufus too survived the fight. However agent Ike Madison had been killed on the spot, and professor Armitage suffered “Amnesia” from his head trauma and forgot how to “Speak Languages”.

They may have been defeated, but neither did the evil cult succeed in any particular way. Though the cult leader was still at large – something made special agent Wylie suspect they would run into the cult leader again, and soon.


  1. Awesome batrep and terrific looking playset, fantastic stuff!

  2. Thanks :-)

    I initially wanted to make it "comic book style" but there were simply too few pictures for it from all 3 games.

  3. A fun read! Thanks. I have officially sworn myself in as "A Respected and Responsible Fan of Rufus, An Enemy to the Darkside Minions of Mayhem, and a Friend to All Lovers of Peace."

  4. @Jay, haha :D
    You will be happy to see the return of Rufus in part 2 then.

  5. Great battle report Alex. Just awesome. I love the dog. Where can I get him?

  6. It's the zombie dog from Uncle Mike's which I patched up with greenstuff http://anatolisgameroom.blogspot.com/2011/10/new-stuff-from-uncle-mikes.html

  7. Wonderful report, and fantastic models and scenery. You have really sold me on this game (not that my wife or bank account will thank you!).

    Looking forward to the next adventure of Agent Wylie!


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