10 January 2012

Strange Aeons: The Scene of Horror

Part 3: The Scene of Horror

Having recovered from his wounds for the second time, special agent Hunter Wylie convinces his superior to allow him one last chance to put the cultist leader out of misery and to avenge his lost men. Knowing that Wylie would go rogue if he was denied made his superiors cave in. He had one last chance, but he could not count on any more backup from the agency. It had proved way too dangerous even for them, there were already talks about getting the army involved.

Wylie had to check with his old crew and seek volunteers for one last journey into madness.
He met the survivors of his previous expedition, and managed to talk them into joining him one last time.  Wylie already knew where to go, the cultist leader had become sloppy of late and had been observed by the locals at the very same graveyard where the last unfortunate expedition had ran into the cowled man and his pet Conglomerate. The Conglomerate was dead now, so what more could there be up the sleeves of that demented maniac?

Agent Wylie, Professor Armitage, sailor Brown, Sgt Dudley and Corporal Henderson travel back to O’Malleys cemetery. According to local farmers the small stone building had been desecrated by the cultists and was now shrouded in an evil aura – driving anyone who entered within a certain range of the house into a mad despair. Wylie had read about this phenomena, “Scene of horror” it was called. Heinous acts of murder and sacrifice had been made on the location, making it completely devoid of anything natural – attracting unseen evil to dwell in its place. Often such places were used to safeguard important artifacts, Wylie was sure it both contained something belonging to the cult and was set on purifying the location to rid it of evil.

The Threshold agent approached the O’Malley graveyard from the opposite direction, through the swampy waters surrounding the location. And there he was, Wylie’s arch enemy the cult leader – and he also saw the cowled man amongst the cultists. There was also another cultist armed with a club, a badly disguised Tchoo Tchoo – nasty little creatures. And what appeared to be a Fishman. Wylie looked at his men, between them they should have sufficient firepower to rid New England of this cultist plague once and for all.

As the agents moved up to the building the thick aura of evil unsettled some of the group, Sgt Dudley backed away in horror and corporal Henderson had to take his place guarding the right flank as Wylie and sailor Brown moved up to purify the walls of the building. Professor Armitage took up position behind a sarcophagus. The enemy approached. “Whatever happens, don’t let them through until we are done with the purification process” ordered Wylie. Sgt Dudley took at Deep breath and positioned himself near the wall, shotgun ready to fire. The cultist band spread out as they approached and made use of whatever cover they could find.

A firefight broke out between the two parties, people ducking in and out of cover, firing blindly around corners and a whole lot of yelling and confusion on both sides. Brown and Wylie made good progress purifying the building when the Tchoo Tchoo ran past Armitage who missed his shot and saw the creature disappear into the building to guard whatever was hidden there.
The agents managed to complete the purification ritual, making the evil aura go away – this also meant that the human cultists who too were affected by the horrors were free to move closer – and they did.

The cultist leader opens fire at Sgt Dudley, hitting the burly man 3 times but failing to knock him out, bleeding Sgt Dudley fires back but the Cult leader takes cover and avoids being hit. The Fishman runs up to the Threshold agents by the wall and claws at corporal Henderson who falls shrieking to the ground trying to prevent loss of blood by applying pressure with his hands towards the fresh wounds. Agent Wylie starts beating at the scaly beast and is soon joined by sailor Brown and his nasty knife. But what is 1 knife against two paws of razor-sharp claws, Brown is also shredded to pieces and Professor Armitage decides to leave his post and instead support Wylie in his fight against the scaly monster. Wiley receives 1 wound, the beast just keeps clawing at the Threshold agents. Wylie ends up knocked out and lands on his back, continuing the fight by kicking at the beast. Armitage tries to distract the creature and does a decent job at doing so, but pays with his own skin as he in turn receives the full amount of clawing attacks.

Sgt Dudley keeps firing at the cultists and the cultist leader, grazing his opponents but failing to kill them. He finally takes a shotgun blast to the chest and drops by the wall. The cultist stay put and let the Fishman finish of what’s left of the Threshold team. Armitage is now also out of action, agent Wylie is fueled by anger and receives newfound strength, not only is he fighting back – but he manages to stand back up on his feet and put pressure on the Fishman. Slashing the ugly thing again and again with his Bowie knife he plants the knife deep in the belly of the creature which isn’t unfamiliar to shrieks of pain and drops dead.

Barely able to catch his breath Wylie is attacked by both the Tchoo Tchoo and a club armed cultist who appears from behind some bushes, Wylie still pumped up on adrenaline dispatches the fool with the club without even trying and kills the pathetic Tchoo Tchoo as well. Now, reaching for his gun, time had come for retribution. Rolling around and taking position behind the nearby wall he takes aim and starts firing at the remaining cultist – who happens to be the cowled man from his last encounter – and the main villain, the cult leader.

It all comes down to a final gunfight, both sides holed up behind good cover . Shotgun blasts and crossbow bolts fly over his head, Wylie responds by sending a few hollow point bullets over the wall then duck back into cover. The cult leader is hit and drops for a moment, but Wylie sees that his nemesis is still breathing. As the cult leader forces himself back on his feet Wylie takes a deep breath and calmly takes aim – then squeezes off the killing shot. Hitting the cult leader straight in the head sends him spinning, “Gotcha” is all that Wylie is able to utter before a crossbow bolt strikes him and the everything becomes dark – again.

The final cowled cultist escapes, taking with him whatever artifact was hidden in the stone building. When local authorities arrive at the scene, the building appears to have remained untainted. And the cult leader was indeed identified and confirmed dead.

Agent Wylie and Corporal Henderson had both escaped with flesh wounds this time around. However sailor Brown had been killed. Armitage now suffered “Acrophobia”, fear of heights for some reason, and Sgt Dudley suffered from Haphephobia “fear of being touched”. It was suspected that those symptoms were directly linked to the scene of horror.

Agent Wylie got his revenge, sort of. 3 men under his command had lost their lives and another 3 were traumatized and injured. One last cultist had escaped, who knows what he was capable of. Would New England finally be safe or would a new evil rise in some remote area to plague the innocent and haunt agent Wylie with its existence?


  1. Great read and report! I want Rufus the zombie dog back! Hehe...

  2. Great reports, loved them all!

  3. Great and pictures. Loved all you reports top stuff.

  4. Good stuff, good read, good miniatures and terrain, what more could we want.....

  5. Fun game, great characters, nice scenery.[ P.S. Wylie could use another attack K-9 (hint hint)]

  6. @Jay haha!
    There the animal handler skill can be upgraded to "pack master" allowing a character to control up to 3 dogs at the same time. I'm tempted to buy some more dogs as they are cheap and fairly dangerous even though they are fragile once they take a hit.

  7. Here...I just donated 3-Cyber Gold Coins to the Anatoli Digital Fund to buy more attack dogs!

  8. @ Jay

    I remember Warlord Games have a pack of Mastiff dogs (same kind as "Rufus"). I might get that pack next time I buy something from Warlord. Had I thought of it earlier I would have put them in my basket when placing an order for the Polish 7TP tank... sigh.

  9. You might consider Reaper's http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/03326 Guard Dogs.

  10. I'm a bit hesitant to buy anything from Reaper if I know I need the model to be of a specific size (the dogs would need to be on the smaller end of the scale - much like Warlords "Ancient" range - would not want dogs big enough to ride. Ever since I bought a pack of zombies that turned out to be something like 35mm big and completely useless with the rest of my collection of 25-28mm stuff I don't trust their site when it comes to coherency.... Used one of the mentioned zombies as a "Ghoul King" but the rest are pure loss :-/


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