15 January 2012

Vampires and hunter profile for Strange Aeons

Spent some time today to and finish this document which I had intended to try out this weekend but could not due to my lingering cold. The document is a fan made nonprofit add-on for the vanilla Strange Aeon's ruleset and includes profiles and special rules for Thrall servants, Vampires, Antediluvian Vampires as well as a Vampire Hunter special agent for the Threshold team to hire. The document is stripped of unnecessary pictures and background clutter to make it as printer friendly as possible.

It can be downloaded for free from this link HERE

To download you have to click either the blue rectangular button or the "Save file to your PC"


  1. Your persistent harassment and posting of temptations has finally taken its toll on my inadequate self control and I dove into S.A. head first last week - grabbing a heap of figs and terrain at CANCON!

    Can't wait to play more now :-D

  2. Haha! Great to hear, hope you get as much fun and enjoyment out of the game as I do. It is very "mod friendly" if you want to add stuff of your own to it as well.

    Speaking of temptations and harassment haha, we might throw together some sort of Blood Bowl mini tournament with the local players :-)


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