05 January 2012

West Wind painting competition

This is kind of late, but since the deadline has been pushed a few days and there are only a few entries I felt compelled to try to bring in a couple more contestants.

The deadline is by the 8th this month. However you are free to enter the competition with something that you have already painted previously. So if you have any SoTR model or SoTR conversion painted up since before then there is no reason not to enter the competition this year.

The categories this time around are:

-command squad
-vehicle or platoon support unit

You can participate with up to 3 entries of your choice, though there is only 1 overall prize for the winner.

Follow the link and post your entry before the end of January 8th!



  1. Need more time to post a picture of an already painted miniature :D ?

    Or to paint up a new one?

    As mentioned, they are OK if you post an "old paintjob" this time around.


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