26 February 2012

15mm Desert buildings (set 1) - review

This is something my friends Patrik and Thomas have been working on this year. They made a bunch of desert buildings from scratch and made silicone moulds for them so they could cast the buildings in dental plaster which is very hard and not as brittle as regular plaster.

The buildings come in sets of 4 large and 2 small buildings and 4 sets of stairs (2 facing left, 2 facing right). Everything is cast in solid pieces, no assembly needed except for the stairs if you want to add them - you have to make a small hole in the roof wall in the place where you want the stairs to lead up to.

These buildings are so generic and timeless that you could use them for any kind of north African setting, from medieval times up to modern to play Ambush Alley or something similar. This is the first set of buildings, a second set is being worked on (taller buildings) and more is planned for European theaters later.

I got this set for review, but I think I will modify them a little and add roofs to them so they can be used for By Fire & Sword.

Houses have very nice detail, doors, windows, roof hatches, bricks walls showing beneath the damaged facades. The set is produced in Malmö Sweden, and will be sold for 30USD / set. You can't beat that. The idea is to hook up with local retailers from where you will be able to order the buildings. Being realistic about the shipping rates in this country, I think this product is mainly aimed at the Swedish wargaming community, but it might be possible to ship overseas within Europe as well. The weight would be too much I think, to ship outside of Europe however.

I will post more information once the trade is set up and running. From what I know so far is that Playoteket in Malmö will be selling these, as will Kulturkommissariatet.se. So far they have sold their building sets directly through the Swedish forum 15mm.se

The pictures show a full set of buildings next to my Flames of War and By Fire and Sword miniatures for size comparison. A few painted examples provided to my by Thomas. You can see all the buildings painted up on Thomas blog (they look fantastic!) HERE.

WIP pictures on building batch nr 2 can be seen HERE

Link to the Swedish 15mm.se forum thread where the buildings are currently sold HERE

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