15 February 2012

Blog related issues in Internet Explorer

I'm sorry but it seems as if many of the template changes I now use are simply put screwed up in internet explorer. I have at the moment no idea how to solve this or to revert what causes the issues. I do know that the  blog looks perfect and works best in Google Chrome or Firefox. So the only thing I can offer is to ask those of you who have performance issues to swap to either one of those (superior) web browsers.

I will see if I can somehow fix this for Internet Explorer as well, but to be honest - I have only worked with my blog based upon what I could see in Firefox. So I don't know how it looked in Explorer in the past before the changes to this new format either.

My somewhat more HTML handy friend also mentioned that Internet Explorer is notorious for misreading html code for blogs and such and always caused her problems in her own programming, which ended in her swapping to Firefox and Chrome.


  1. Not sure what happened there???
    I wouldn't think a lot of people still use Internet Explorer anymore, for blogs its absolutely useless.
    Its the new password "I'm not a robot" thing, that's really getting on my nerves!!!!

  2. The comment password (which I find annoying as well) should be removed now. Not that it had stopped spam comments before anyway.

  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of webpage coding. I worked on a project where I had to cater for 4 different browsers, each implementing the HTML 'standard' in their own way. One way would be to see if you can make the page bearable in IE while looking good in FF. I wouldn't try to make it perfect for both otherwise you have to have clauses that produce specific code for specific browsers.


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