02 February 2012

By Fire & Sword: cossack style cavalry box review

Moving on to the next boxed set, the Polish cossack style cavalry. These guys make up the bulk of any cavalry regiment and will most likely be the most numerous company type on the battlefield when playing the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth.

The box looks identical to the previously reviewed Polish Dragoons box, and the inside is also identical. Horses in one zip bag, riders in another and bases/flagpoles in a third. The horses are completely different sculpts from the Dragoons, but these are more dynamic / look like they move at a faster pace.

There is a great variation in riders, this formation was quite irregular so it is nice to see a real mix and match of equipment and clothes. I counted at 8 different sculpts including the commanders and banner men. Taking into account that you get 6 stands of cavalry, and each company is made up of 3 stands you do get a very nice mix of riders in each company.

Like any other boxed set or blister this one came with a sheet of flags. I really like this feature, getting both banner poles/lances and flags. It's annoying when you have to get those kind of things on the side.

One thing I should mention, which has already been touched upon, the contents of these boxes make complete units / companies. Most companies in this game are made up of 2-3 stands. You can  form multiple companies into  squadrons to get larger units . Cavalry squadrons can be made up of a maximum of 6 bases, while infantry 12 bases. So pretty much all cavalry boxes give you 2 companies/1 maxed out squadron.

Check in again tomorrow to see how a painted up company of these guys looks like.


  1. Thanks for the review. Good to know that these guys justify their price.

    I stumbled on the By Fire and Sword range by accident (searching for "Reiters") and was shocked by how extensive their range is.

    Have you seen any of their Ottoman range in the flesh?

  2. They don't sound too bad, let's see what they look like painted tomorrow....

  3. @Vladd309

    I can only comment on Polish stuff at the moment since that is what I ordered. I will probably let you guys know about the Swedish Reiters and infantry boxed sets when my friends receive their orders.

  4. I did see Ottoman stuff. Very impressive. Deli are the best models in Ottoman range in my opinion ( http://www.ogniemimieczem.wargamer.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=842 ) but the rest is also top notch.


    Lately Wargamer updated their reiters' boxes. There are new poses in armoured reiters box (few reiters do have hats instead of helmets). I also got regular reiters few weekns ago and they have new (my first reiters box is several months old) poses.

  5. The cavalry sword is being used as an official ceremonial sword being used by cavalry army.


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