03 February 2012

Cossack style cavalry company painted up (BF&S)

First company of the light cossack style cavalry that makes up the backbone of Polish cavalry regiments. These guys look like a band of brigands with their mixed clothing and weapons but they have pretty good close combat abilities and come with pistols, bows and short cavalry wheel lock muskets. They can fire on the move from horseback, even if that causes a pretty severe accuracy drop. Still, good for harassing and softening up slow moving enemy infantry units before they are charged by  heavier and more durable cavalry types such as Pancerni or Winged Hussars.

Despite the mixed nature of their uniforms, the riders were fast painted. The horses which I put a little more effort into this time around were the part that took most time. As I wanted to have another company ready before the weekend I painted the horses and riders over two days.

There is a bit of color coding on my part here as well, the cossack style/light cavalry horses will all have blue reins, while the medium and heavy cavalry will have red with more gold details. I'm also thinking of painting up the horses of the Winged Hussars in a single color throughout the companies - probably off white.

Next up is company of Pancerni cavalry. Painting one unit at a time like this I can cycle through all the boxes I bought and get great variation :-)

I will write down a small guide to color choices for these light cavalry stands soon as well so you get to know how I painted mine.


  1. These look beautiful. I think I hate you Anatoli! I can;t seem to find time to do any painting, never mind turn out such nice stuff so regularly :-). Very Jealous.


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