19 February 2012

Flames of War v.3 Paperback mini review

I picked up my version 3 paperback this Friday and am still a bit baffled by the fact that you get this one for free if you own the version 2 hardback. Quality of the binding aside (will return to it shortly), it is 296 pages in full color - that and the weight taken into account for the shipping cost alone probably cost a few bucks. Still, for someone who had bought the version 2 hardback less than a year ago I would be really bummed out if I had to shell out cash for a new edition so soon.

So big thanks and kudos to Battlefront.

Now, I have been planning and thinking about what to do with the book once I get it for over a week. It has been a bit difficult to do exact calculation and get exact information until I actually had it in my hands. The binding I heard was bad. And it is very weakly glued together, you can see from the picture that it is just a thin area of glue holding it together and when you open it you have to be careful not to break it. Thus you would want to either get a spiral binding or punch holes in the back and put it into a hardback file.

There seems to be a bit of a problem finding a place which could do any of these things though here in Sweden or at least in my local area.

The measurements for the book are:

210mm x 150mm, 15mm thick, almost 300pages. The margin is 9mm in, if you want to punch holes in it or get it spiral bound.

Even if you don't get it bound, I would at least advise on getting a protective transparent plastic sticky cover paper to protect the cover from getting torn up in your bag between events. I did that with all paperback books such as Malifaux, Secrets of the Third Reich and This Very Ground and it helps tremendously to keep the books intact.

As I just got my book I have not had time to study it in detail, but a few things stand out. For instance the explanatory pictures are a lot more pedagogic now. Just easier and faster to understand. The rules seem to be grouped together in a better way, not as spread out as in version 2.

Rules for armored trains are now an integral part of the rulebook. And the scenario section has been really revamped with better artwork and descriptions.

In retrospect, there are still an insane amount of rules and special rules when you think about it. I think I flipped past a page that had some kind of "assaulting bridges" section - wtf is that about?!

Still, it's a damn fun game, and it's not really that common that you use more than 25% of the rules anyway. You do get a little "Version 2 veteran" sticker with the paperback btw, it should be put in your version 2 hardback.

6/5 for a free product
5/5 for the revamped look of the content
2/5 For the quality of the binding

I also love the new cover, it’s much better than the often corny and cartoony action packed drawings of the army books. I prefer a simple stylized cover.  Besides, that Stalingrad picture silhouette is so iconic on its own so you don’t need anything else.

The What Would Patton Do guys have made some pretty extensive coverage of the new rules and content in their podcast, episode 31. Check it out over at their blog http://www.wwpd.net/2012/02/wwpd-news-from-front-episode-31.html


  1. Great review. Here in canada I found the usual big box office supply places like Staples to be ridiculously expensive for spiralbinding. They wanted something like .45 cents a page... Thats what $120! plus tax. lol no thanks.
    I did find a local book bindery that did it for $10 dollars with covers laminated. Cant go wrong. So I would recomend looking for a smaller locally owned book bindery. Perhaps some local book shops will know who to ask.

  2. Another option is to find a business that does the glue-binding; a local player had some of his books re-glued. They supposedly re-heated the glue and now it works fine (did this with the second edition mini book as well).


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