18 February 2012

FoW: Early War tournament 2012 list and scenarios

Really excited about this tournament. This whole week have just been a long haul of schoolwork and boring stuff that had me left tired and pretty much unable to paint anything. So naturally I had looked forward to this day. Just like our previous Early War tournament it is 3 games played during 1 single day.

4 Allies players and 4 Axis players, no "blue on blue".

Could this actually be the first Flames of War tournament played with the version 3 rules?

A lot of the stuff in version 3 is really good, I collected my paperback version 3 earlier today and must say that the layout and descriptions are vastly improved. I will post a separate blog entry about the version 3 book tomorrow.

Beside the new rules, I also got new dice (oh yeah) and I'm bringing a revised version of the Polish armored train to the tournament. Actually my list this time around will probably be more exciting to play and to face than my previous one which was basically a bunch of infantry and 2 artillery platoons. Hell, now even stuff like the medium mortars which I could buy for my HQ actually can make a difference with the new direct fire rules and blow stuff up with better  firepower than the shitty "6+ are you kidding me!?" bombardment.

Lessons learned from last tournament - bring an even number of platoons since the rules require it. Bring more than 1 mobile unit - hence the train but most importantly the cavalry platoon which should be better now when using the "Bypassed" rule. You still roll 6's to get the platoon to enter the table, but as with other reserves you automatically get the unit if you roll 3 or more dice during the bringing in reserves phase. I remember one time playing against my buddy Thomas and I rolled something like a total of 15 dice and barely managed to roll a single 6 after 5 turns....

I also re-read the rules for armored trains which are now included in the rulebook as well, and it says that each gun counts as 2 weapons when firing bombardments. So I could either get a 8 gun mixed artillery barrage or one regular Light and one regular Heavy bombardment from the train. I think that is worth it considering it can move around on the table and has the same points cost as 2 stationary artillery platoons.

Here's my list for the tournament.

Batalion Piechoty
Infantry Battalion

75Batalion Piechoty HQ
185Piechoty Company (1platoon)
185Piechoty Company (1platoon)
90Piechoty Anti-tank Gun Platoon
245Czolgow Platoon
180Mounted Kawalerii CompanyFearlessVeteran
530Armoured Train

The scenarios this time around are

1:No retreat
3:Fighting withdrawal

Surrounded is a new scenario, the attacker sets up along the short edges, 8" onto the table. The defender sets up 24" wide in the middle across the table, with 24" to the enemy line on both sides. There are two objectives for the defender to protect. The scenario uses immidiate ambush and prepared positions.

I think the scenarios this time around should prove interesting and fun to play with what I got.
I will post the army lists of my opponents along with the battle reports early next week so there will be full coverage of both forces just like last time.


  1. remember to train your dice. Especially new one. At least they fear you since you burned the old ones in front of them. A good dice coaching is a happy playing! :)

  2. i played in the tournament and must say that i had a blast too! i think we have a wounderful tourney climat in our end of the world. id just like ther to be a few more of us.it was really nice to see at least one new player, david, i did notknow played play and i think he will be back:)


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