13 February 2012

Laser Fuchs - wargaming laser pointer (review)

This is hands down the best gaming aid ever. How many times have you nearly poked your eye out when bringing your head down to miniature level to see the line of sight of your troops in a game? Or just argued about how much of the enemy base you could see if you measure from the edge of your base? I ran across this little thing during the last FoW tournament when one of the players were using one and realized I just had to get one myself.

It's basically a laser pointer with small mirrors built into the lens which breaks the laser so that it appears as a line when you point at stuff rather than a dot. So you don't have the risk of burning someone’s eye out by accident when checking the line of sight using this laser pointer compared to the regular kind which I have also seen being used for the exact same purpose.

Full technical information from Maelstrom Games about this little thing:

"The Laser Fuchs LFL650-5-4.5 60° is a positioning laser in a robust metal housing that projects a red laser line with a wavelength of 650nm. Using special acrylic lens optics, the laser module produces a sharp line without using rotating polygon mirrors or motors and is optimized for an operation range of approximately 1m / 40”. An ideal tool for wargaming, it ensures lines of sight can be judged accurately and to almost any length on a standard tabletop, for the dihedral angle of 60° shows a laser line of approximately 2m / 80” when held above the table at a distance of approximately 1.15m / 45”. "

If you have the correct angle and height when pointing this thing it has no problem stretching across a regular sized gaming table. It runs on two small clock batteries - and it comes with a pair of batteries as well!

If you want to get one, Maelstrom Games has a sale on hobby supplies at the moment, and the Laser Fuchs is included in the list of valid discount items.  You can get 18% off the price if you use this voucher code: GET-HOBBYING


  1. I quite like this. It could also replace string or the edge of the rulebook for hex & counter wargames and other boardgames. Nice find!

  2. I just ordered one, thank Anatoli!

  3. Good idea! It won't stop our guys arguing though!

  4. I have a cheap laser pointer, but this one is very nice. I like it draws the arc/line that is very sweet. May have to put this little guy on my want list. I own a cheap one I found at the dollar star for a few bucks that has worked ok for me...

  5. I have a Craftsman Laser Trac that does the same thing...not any more expensive either.

  6. Hey guys, I've been looking for this laser for a long time and found out that Battlegeeks.net is selling it on their website.


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