12 February 2012

The last ringbearer - LoTR from a different pov

What if the Orcs and people of Mordor were the good guys and the contents of the original LotR books was propaganda written by the victorious warmongering races of humans, elves and dwarves? Russian writer Kirill Eskov sat down and wrote his own take on the events of the last war of the ring, from the perspective of the vanquished - I think the idea is fantastic and extremely interesting.

I found out about this book through a Swedish forum while browsing around, and I just wish I had more spare time to read "real" books rather than the literature I am fed with for school assignments and exams... Still I managed to get a few dozen pages into it and really enjoyed the style. It is far less (im9) wooden and boring compared to Tolkiens style of writing which drove be insane  - though without degenerating into "hack n slash".

300 something pages all in all, it has been translated well into English.
You can get the English language version for free in PDF format through this article which also reviews the book http://www.salon.com/2011/02/15/last_ringbearer/


  1. China Mieville gives Tolkien his due, but also calls him, IIRC correctly, the pustule o the arse of fantasy. He rejects the comforting and escapist nature of fantasy literature, that many writers seem unable to escape, also thanks to Tolkien and his essay works like On Fairy Tales.

  2. Interesting! You might also be interested in "Grendel", its a retelling of the Beowulf saga through the monster's perspective. While I haven't read it myself, its something I've been meaning to do, and comes highly recommended. Very philosophical, and like your find, calls into question the dogmatic assertion that good will triumph over evil- or more importantly, what is good and what is evil.


  3. @Alan, yeah I read about the Grendel opposing POV as well. I love stuff like that :-D

  4. Thanks for sharing this, it sounds very interesting.


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