01 February 2012

Pictures from a Dystopian Wars game

There was another gameday down at the club this weekend, I was completely exhausted so I did not play anything - actually I mainly went there to get a glimpse of Dystopian Wars since two of our local gamers, Peter and Micke, had painted up their fleets and were going to try out the rules.

Naturally I brought my camera. Micke played Kingdom of Britannia while Peter fielded a mix of Rising Sun and Prussian ships. From what I could see the rules played rather easy and well. There were a few interesting features, the ship turning template was a nice touch of adding realistic turning rates to ships. There also seemed to be a fun mix of long range weapons, weapon field of fire requirements, AA fire, fighters and bombers, dogfights using up fuel units etc.

One thing I really liked was that each ship required a specific amount of direct hits before damage was applied - so most of the time the small escorts had to link their fire to have any chance of damaging the larger frigates and battleships. Once you reached the damage value the ship lost hull points - and you could also score critical hits if you surpassed the required damage threshold with enough dice.

The only thing that got complaints was the rulebook which seemed to have a clunky layout which made finding specific rules a bit too time consuming.

The battle ended a victory for the Kingdom of Britannia.
Before heading home me and another buddy, David, went to the best burger place in Lund - "Viggo". It's located next to the train station and has phenomenal homemade hamburgers the size of a fist and amazing French fries. Lots of "toppings" on the hamburger menu as well. Nothing beats this place when it comes to hamburgers.

So, if you are in Lund, make sure to check this place out (and come hungry as hell)!


  1. DW plays pretty well and you're right about the rule book. Nice layout and cool ocean playmat thing, where did that come from?

  2. The non DW components and playing surface are from GW's "Dreadfleet".

  3. Good pictures and of course the burger and fries.....


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