14 February 2012

Pictures from a large FoW Late War battle

Took a bunch of pictures yesterday during the 5 player late war game. I think the defending Allies had 4000points while the attacking Axis had 5000points. I think this battle showed that points do matter - and the more you have the more this game falls apart. Though I really like multiplayer battles like these where each player controls a small portion of the army. We did play on a double sized table so at least it wasn't completely over crowded.

This battle was a disaster for the axis despite the allies having something like half their army in reserve. The battle started as a night fight so no real contact was made until turn 2 and the sun came up during turn 3. The real battle started with the entire German PzIV platoon being wiped out in the center - removing any distracting threats to the British defense and leaving the German StuG platoon and infantry in the center to fend for themselves. On the northern flank all German armor was bombarded to pieces by British artillery and air support. Those few tanks that survived were not enough to push onwards.

In the south where I had a small portion of the army and 2 artillery platoons my wonderful dice (hopefully for the last time - as I already ordered new one's) screwed things up badly. Brummbärs assaulted infantry - killed 1 stand and then got wiped out LOL?!

This left infantry and AA guns without any reasonable chance to push on and take the southern objective which was now covered by infantry, artillery and approaching Sherman fireflies.
In a last ditch effort to make something out of nothing, what remained of the northern flank remounted into their vehicles and made their way south - hoping to outrun enemy tanks and grab that southern objective in force. As the Germans were riding their little halftracks they got hit by British air support. Something like 19 AA dice were rolled, which resulted in 1 out of 3 enemy planes shot down... Then half of the halftracks and their passengers got wiped out and we called it a day.

The problem in these huge battles is that everyone has everything because points are not as restricted as in regular games. This also means that there will be tons of artillery templates thrown around and the game tactics devolve into lucky rolls with the dice to see who gets shot first.

I know the guys have planned a mega battle with in-game events for Early War in the desert. Having talked with Patrik who is behind the idea, he comforted me by saying that there will be a game master who will throw in random events and other stuff to make that big desert battle a bit more directed and unpredictable.


  1. Good battle report. Never played FOW despite having the books. We're one day going to try it in 6mm - which shoul dbe interesting and allow more space on the table for flanking etc.

  2. I think the rules would work really well for 6mm, and as you say - the table would suddenly be big enough for big flanking maneuvers and more tactical options.

  3. I agree with you on big games. 1,500-2000 is optimum. More than that and it starts breaking down unless you use the total war rules, which are perfect for big, multi-player games

  4. There is also a part of me that prefers smaller sized games as you get closer to the troops you have and don't feel like wasting them on high risk attacks. In large games you just throw stuff around and hope something works out.

    As mentioned, the upcoming large multiplayer desert battle will according to Patrik (our local tournaments and event dude) include lots of additional stuff to make the battle feel more realistic. I also think each player will have a significantly smaller force. And I hope there will be some kind of in-game chain of command on both sides between players.


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