08 February 2012

Polish Pancerni cavalry box review

Here's my third unit type and another "backbone of the Polish cavalry" unit, the "Pancerni". Pancerni were essentially cossack style cavalry dressed in chainmail. Not my favorite unit of the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth aesthetically, however I changed my mind when I saw the miniatures which were pretty damn cool.

The riders come armed with cavalry muskets, bows, warhammers and sabers. The horses are similar to the cossack style cavalry horses - which come with double pistol holsters and great sense of movement in the sculpts. I counted 8 different sculpts in this box as well when it comes to the riders. So that is two pairs of commanding officers and banner men, and 6 individual soldier sculpts.

Very nice detail on the chainmal shirts and faces, the command miniatures also come with bear/wolfskin cloaks. This particular box also happened to be filled with the "cleanest" castings out of the 3 boxes I have reviewed so far. Especially the riders. Like the cossack style cavalry you get 6 stands of cavalry, of which 2 are command stands. So 2 full companies, or 1 full squadron.

Beside the customary brass banner pole and flag stickers you also get shields which are optional. Some army lists allow you to field elite cossack style/Pancerni cavalry companies which have this additional piece of equipment which increase their durability in close combat. So if you plan on fielding your cavalry stands as elite cavalry companies the shields are in the box.

As for the flags (in all boxes so far) you seem to get a sheet with 3 different flags. Both the Pancerni and cossack style cavalry had 2 Polish flags and 1 that I think is Lithuanian - you can field both Polish and Lithuanian divisions when playing the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Though they do not mix units within the same division or regiments.

All in all, I had fun painting these guys. Check in again tomorrow to see how they turned out :-)

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