09 February 2012

Polish Pancerni company painted up (BF&S)

First company of the Pancerni medium cavalry painted up. The name "Pancerni" means "armored" in Polish, and stems from these guys being dressed in chainmail shirts. Their durability is quite good compared to most other units, only Reiter and Winged Hussar armor has better defensive value. The durability stat in this game for units is actually best when fighting in close combat as hand to hand weapons don't really inflict any drop in durability when taking hits (except when charging/being charged). Gunpowder weapons on the other hand are a lot more dangerous as they lower the durability stat, especially when you move within the "short range" where they are the most accurate and have the most punch in them.

In this case the Pancerni have a durability of 5, which means they roll a D10 when taking a hit, and any result between 1-5 is a "save", anything from 6+ means you take a wound. The really nice thing with this game is that each base has a strength value which is equal to the number of models. So most bases require 3 wounds before they are removed from the board as a casualty and forcing you to roll for unit morale.

I hope to play a tiny demo of the rules with two of my friends who are also starting out with this game, this weekend. So I hope to shed some more light on the rules sometime by the end of this week/early next week.
Up next, the unit probably everyone has been waiting for - Winged Hussars!

I really hope to get a company painted before the next weekend, it could be a bit tricky since I have to study like mad for an upcoming exam while writing a paper at the same time....
At least expect a detailed look at the box contents of the winged hussars, since they have a few unique details that explain the slightly more expensive price tag.

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  1. Hi
    I was just wanted to know if you where in Malmo, as that is where I am and play Historical games at the Copenhagen Club.

    If you are in Malmo would love to get together for a game. I am heading down to Hamburg this weekend and am looking to pick up some of these armies.
    William Keyser


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