15 February 2012

Something of a makeover

Tweaked the appearance of the blog yesterday, I was just tired of looking at that wasted space on the left side and having that huge column of content on the right. Another thing that had annoyed me greatly for a long while was the tiled background, last night I finally tracked down the two codes needed to stretch the background picture and fixed that as well.I will still have to do something about the header picture to make it match the new stretched background though.

The changes are obviously the implementation of a second column to the left. I made sure that the columns retained their width so that no previous posts would be messed up. The categories are now displayed at the very top of the blog. The blog archive which was humongous had to be be remade into a dropdown menu and is now located near the search function on the left side.

I also added a blog roll, something I've been meaning to do for a while. It displays the 10 latest posts from blogs that I myself follow.

Let me know what you guys think. If something is hard to see or find, let me know. The idea of this was to make the blog a bit less choked and cut down the scrolling time in order to find stuff on the sidebars.


  1. seems to load quicker as well. Nice work on the layout

  2. Glad to hear it loads faster. I still have ideas for a replacement of the background picture and the header picture. Now that I know where to tweak the code of blogspot changing the background will be easy.

  3. Could you post that URL for the code that centered your picture? Been looking for that.

  4. Copy and paste this code below. It is near the top of the HTML code, and can be found by hitting ctrl+f and paste

    "body {
    font: $(body.font);
    color: $(body.text.color)"

    /* Content
    ----------------------------------------------- */
    body {
    font: $(body.font);
    color: $(body.text.color);
    background: $(body.background);
    background:#fff YOUR OWN IMAGE URL HERE;
    background-position: center;
    background-attachment: fixed;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    margin: 0;

    Obviously you have to 1) Have a picture that actually covers the entire screen. At least 1200pixels wide.

    2) Link to your own image URL from a host that allows for large pictures. I Have photobucket pro account so I can upload and host pictures that are larger than the max width of a free account.

    3) If you have copy pasted your image url in other parts of the HTML code, all those codes need to be swapped to the same large image that you use in the body part of the code.

  5. For me the the categories at the top are 5 lines deep & appear to have extra lines between them & this spoils the look. I have to scroll down a whole page now to see the content.

  6. It looks good and functional to me and more to see straight away, also reminded me I hadn't added you to my new blog roll....

  7. Have to agree with Anonymous, the categories at the top don't work for me. They Take up loads of space and mean I need to scroll to see the actual posts

  8. How much space do the categories take up? The current font size is 11 and the 5 rows only take up very little space on my computers (checked on stationary and widescreen laptop.

    With this post open, I can see from the title at the top of the blog down to "You might also like: " in this post.

  9. Just a couple of things for me. Some of the phrases at the end of the lines like 'SoTR ..' wrap onto the line below, and on IE8 I get a white 'Page not found' block in the top left corner of the page under the Blogger search box.

  10. I use Firefox so I base all my tweaks and changes upon that. Now that I have checked explorer - it does indeed look like shit. It looks really good in Firefox though.
    Don't really know what to do about that....

  11. Kinda serious since 33% of the views are made through iExplorer. Goddamn....

  12. Seems fine, but would be nice if you could change the text color to a more beige tone or the black background to a more dark grey... just to spare the eyes a bit of effort. Good work on the change though.


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