10 February 2012

Upcoming Q&A with Uncle Mikes (Strange Aeons)

Just wanted to inform you guys about an upcoming feature on my blog which I have been planning for since New Year's. The Q&A will be a written interview with manufacturers that have been featured on my blog and who have (or are about to) release a new game or set of rules.

In other words I thought it would be interesting to learn a bit more about each manufacturer, their background, their games, their thoughts on upcoming projects and detailed questions about  rules and miniature range.

I also want to involve as many of you readers as possible in these Q&A's so if there is anything specific you want me to include in my Q&A session - post it as a comment and I'll try to get it answered :-)
First one will be with Mike of Uncle Mike's Worldwide. Creator and manufacturer of Strange Aeons, the Lovecraftian themed skirmish game. He's also currently working on two upcoming releases, one being a scenario book for Strange Aeons, the other being a standalone Strange Aeons  universe rulebook with focus on cults fighting each other.

I'll give you guys a week to come up with questions. I'll gather anything posted in the comments and add that to my Q&A document on the evening of Thursday the 16th and send it to Mike for answers.

For those wondering, I have already asked Mike if he's up for it and he was happy to do this. So start posting questions. Also don't forget to write your name/nick so I can add that in the Q&A!


  1. Question: Do you have plans to bring in more big monster miniatures, and in so case, any particular kind?

  2. Will Shocking Tales 1-3 (out of print) be reprinted into a new unholy expansion book? It seems there was some good stuff there and a same to miss it.

    Why did Cthulu cross the road?

    What does he have in mind for the next few "special edition" models?

    Will any of the prior special edition models be availiable to buy? Perhaps as a Cult members only special offer for those that miss it?

  3. Any plans for UK based stockists of the rules any figures?

  4. Good questions guys, keep them coming :-)

  5. I would like to know what might be coming up to include larger vehicles or contraptions into games - such as an armoured car, or perhaps a riverboat with some improvised weapons etc. Some cultists may have come into possession of surplus WW1 equipment after all, or the Govt may need to stage a large raid (such as Lovecraft's Shadow over Innsmouth).

    The expansion to runs cults will be great too - I would love to be able to utilise horrors and monsters in my cult to fight others or take out agents. Will that be included?

  6. Your source for game material is obvious, but what is your inspiration in the design of the game?

    Why did you use the mechanics you did and how did you come up with them?

    What's the hardest part about being responsible for a small publishing company, and keeping Strange Aeons interesting for the players?

  7. @Varagon, I already sent Mike the question document - but I did include many questions that were similar to the one's you just asked.

    But I'll see if I can send your questions as well in a separate email ;-)


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