27 March 2012


Noticed that I have reached, and passed, the 300 followers mark. That is crazy!
I want to thank everyone who took the time to follow my blog, it is a great source of motivation.I hope the coming months prove as interesting to you guys as it has been so far.

A lot of small and big projects are going on in various stages of completion:

15mm Afrika Korps
15mm Renaissance By Fire and Sword army
Malifaux commission painting
Extra miniatures to fill gaps in my Strange Aeons collection

As soon as some of the above projects are completed I'm really looking into buying some Samurai miniatures to use for Brink of Battle (Ikkoshu Uprising theme). Towards the summer I've also heard that Forged in Battle will be releasing more of the Polish Early War range, including cavalry and motorized cavalry miniatures which I really need to build the remaining two branches of the armies in Blitzkrieg book.

I've also been talking to West Wind about possibly getting a review copy of Empire of the Dead and making a Q&A session with them similar to the one I made with Uncle Mike's. Talking about upcoming releases all my friends interested in By Fire and Sword are waiting for the English version of the rules which should be released around May according to the manufacturer.

My buddy Thomas borrowed me his Kampfgruppe Normandy rulebook so I will try to write a review about that as well sometime next week perhaps.

On the wargaming front the main focus is the Flames of War firestorm campaign set in Mid-War North Africa. And in just a few weeks there will be a mega battle event down in Malmö which will with no doubt surpass everything else FoW related to date in terms of game table awesomeness. Patrik and Thomas have been working their asses of to build a 4x4 North African city with their desert houses which will act as the main objective for the attacking Axis players.

Also really excited about the imminent first proper game of By Fire and Sword this very weekend. I also hope to get around to try out Victory Decision in 15mm with Early War FoW troops. I think that set of rules would suit FoW perfectly when playing smaller sized battles such as 500pts so I really want to try that out. It would also be perfect to use with some of my September Campaign battles such as Battle for Westerplatte that I don't think could be simulated in a good enough way if played with the FoW rules only. The table is simply too small and crowded with too large clumsy units to work as intended.

Anyway, thanks again for reading guys and I hope you will enjoy the planned upcoming content :-)


  1. Congrats. If you are looking at Samurai, there are lots of 25-28mm ranges out there, but for somthing unbelievable have a look at Steve Barbers 42mm range. Gorgeous figures and a pleasure to paint.

  2. That's a lot of readers. Congratulations.

  3. Congrats! Start working on those Strange Aeons figures! I have a contest about to go live soon!

  4. Very well deserved Anotoli, keep up the great work!!!!

  5. Congratulations. As a new I'm really enjoying your beautiful miniatures and games.


  6. ah! if youre going samurai then you ought to check the perrys minis.


    maybe i should comission you to paint some for me:)

  7. Yep I had Perry Miniatures in mind for the Samurai models. Though when time comes, I might write them an email and ask if they are willing to sell me "half blisters" since I won't be needing that many regular samurai warrios and would prefer a mix of weapons on each side. I feel I would end up with twice as many Samurai warrios than I could get any use if I buy the full blisters.

  8. Bravo!
    I very much enjoy your eclectic taste in games and great effort that shows in everything being painted to a very good standard and the thorough reports you write; most of the reports are a treat to check even when I have practically no interest in a particular game.
    Here's to many more games, readers and good stuff allround! Huzza!

    And if you manage to squeeze in a game of ByFire this weekend, I'd humbly request some AAR or photos - very interested in this game.

  9. It's a pleasure, Sir. I like the eclectic nature of your modeling blog.

  10. Well done and congratulations - I always enjoy coming to see what you are up to!

  11. Bravo! Congratulations! It's well deserved. It's always a pleasure reading your posts

  12. Congratulations sir, well deserved.


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