01 March 2012

500pts Afrika Korps finished

First 500pts for the North Africa 1942 escalation campaign painted up and ready. All tanks are from the same Plastic Soldier Company box but I was desperate to include some Pz III L/J models in my force so I made simple conversion on the two command tanks.

I simply cut off the plastic barrel and made a longer one out of metal wire - actually some leftover Napoleonic banner poles which I had bought from Front Rank Figurines 3 years ago (back then cursing the waste of having to buy them in packs of 10 when I needed 1). I honestly don't care if some rivet counter points out that some minimalistic detail is "dead wrong" for them to represent proper Pz III L or J tanks. At tabletop distance all you need to see is the longer barrel.

Likewise the sand color which is Khemri Brown mixed with Dheneb Stone is sufficiently "North Africa" to me. This is in all respects a side project and minor distraction from my By Fire and Sword painting which I will get back to shortly.

These first 500pts will last for a couple of weeks before the campaign escalates to the next level of 750pts.


  1. Nice looking force, good luck on the desert sands!

  2. These are lovely.
    I love the color, and the way you painted the unit numbers and stuffs.
    Nice work, and good luck.

  3. Thanks guys, I was working on a tutorial last time I painted but the pictures turned out to be worthless. I will make another try next time I paint a tank for this project :-)

  4. Quite nice, a good unified look to the platoon. *Snort* Well actually the difference between the two models of tanks is.....pfft who gives a rats. As long as they look good and you can tell the difference for gaming purposes I hardly think that it matters. Nice work


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