24 March 2012

Afrika Korps painted Stuka 87

Here's the Zvezda model painted up and ready to drop bombs at the enemy. The base is probably semi correct. The height of the stick (50mm) and width of the base (40mm) is most likely correct but the bent shape of the stick isn't. But then you measure from the gun to the hull of the plane when targeting with AA guns so it doesn't matter. If people want to nag about that detail, I will nag about the ridiculousness of a Stuka flying this low. Looks as if it just took off from an airfield.

The new air support rules make sense looking at it from a "tournament crowd" perspective where everything should be uniform. I hate it when games are geared towards rulebook thumpers because you both get a really thick rulebook and a lot of boring restrictions. I guess the new static height of the flight stand comes into play with all the line of sight restrictions and you being able to use on table terrain as cover.

Every detail on the plane are transfers, except for the swastika on the tail rudder. I did not have a transfer for that so had to do my best to paint a black on white swastiska as best I could. I think it brought everything together and the plane looked pretty bare without it. Not easy to get it straight and I kind of lost interest on my second try - it only looks wobbly on closeup pictures anyway.

I painted the reflections on the windscreen first, kinda sloppy mix of light grey and white. Then cleaned it up with black after which I painted the frame. The plane came out a bit darker than the tanks, which wasn't intentional but I will let it be. The greenish camo pattern I found online when searching for Afrika Korps Stuka camo.

I also used a Afrika Korps insignia transfer in front of the cockpit, I don't know if DAK airplanes had those - I tried to Google search but could not find anything for or against it. In the end the plane looked a bit bare and the symbol fit right in so I slapped it on as well.
Didn’t have any problems with paint peeling of as mentioned by Widgren in my review of this model. I did not wash it with soap or anything either, only undercoated it with the usual GW Chaos Black spray.

I will most likely only use this air support as filler during the North Africa campaign, it will not be featured in my 1500pts list for the North Africa - Mid War mega battle in April.


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