30 March 2012

Back to World of Tanks

Picked up World of Tanks again during the week. WOW- first thing that happened was that I had to download something like 1.7GB to start up the game. I also noticed quite a few changes.

Basically what drove me away from the game was that the game was so badly balanced that it became really boring and pointless to play once you reached tier 3-5.
It's also a game that pretty much requires your cash to be fully playable and I'm not going to fork over more money since the H35 tank which I had bought as a premium had been removed and is now available in a separate French tank tech-tree (really - a French tech tree???). Tried out the D1 and H35, read that the tanks in the French arsenal are impossible to advance with in the tiers beyond Tier 2 so I won't bother. Had decent amounts of fun with the D1

I also noticed that picking up where I left with my StuG (tier 5) and Hetzer (tier 4) is pretty much pointless. I played like 10 games and could not hurt shit, got instakilled in every game as well. So screw that. Read that it doesn't really get any better in the upper direction as everyone plays premium tier 8-10 tanks.

No, not going to tear my hair out. I went back to my most played tier, tier 2. The only tier of the game which is balanced, where you can damage all enemy tanks and you yourself can be damaged by all tanks. Where weapons, armor and speed class have a logical balance and where the matchmaker never makes you face anything more than 1 level beneath or above your tier. Usually I have been playing with a 100% maxed BT-2, but recently I noticed the Panzer 35t had a very cool auto cannon which must be new (?), so I upgraded it with that and have been enjoying playing with this new weapon since. They seem to have changed the autocannon from firing a burst to allowing the player to fire full auto which is a great feeling when you tear someone else up.

Some things that would improve this game a LOT:

Keep the tier balance of tier 1-2 throughout the game. This would make battles meaningful and less frustrating. Every time you get a new tank for the next tier you suck ass. You upgrade it and what happens? You get matched against even better tanks and you suck ass again. I understand that the business model might be to frustrate players so much that they spend money to jump straight to the high tier tanks - but it really is a shame that we can't have fun Shermans vs Pz IV battles because of the tier bullshit.

Also get rid of this silly "blueprint" tanks that never existed.

Second thing that would be fun is if games could be divided into nations and periods. Like Early War Allies vs German tanks.

Now I just use the game as a infrequent pastime, but this game has been out for a good while. It should really include more game modes than the capture the base deathmatch by now.

Just throw in the generic Multiplayer modes like Domination and Free-For-All. This game also needs more maps. It feels like this is going nowhere in those two areas.

I did see that they are working on something called "World of Planes" which honestly has me more interested than tank battles. However I will not hold my hopes high if they just duplicate everything that they did in WoT. At least there won't be artillery in the sky.


  1. I was tempted some time ago to try world of tanks and the impression I got was of a poorly balanced game.

  2. Sadly that's true. I was tempted for a moment to "buy ahead" by dropping some cash in exchange for experience/in game money so I could buy tanks like the Tiger I. But then I read the Tiger I is matched against even higher tiers which laugh their ass off as they blow it to pieces. Lots of Chinese tanks from the 1970s around now as well. I don't know what the hell is going on but I'll just stick to Tier 2 where there is some kind of balance at least and still largely enjoyable gameplay.


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