02 March 2012

Blood Bowl Humans vs Nurgle

This is a short summary of a Blood Bowl game played last weekend against Patrik's Nurgle team.

The teams looked like this:

Nurgle: 4 Pestigors, 4 Chaos Warriors, 3 Rotters, 1 Re-roll

Humans: 1 Ogre, 1 Catchers, 3 Blitzers, 6 Linemen, 3 Re-rolls


First half, humans receive the kickoff - and also receive 1 additional re-roll due to a fortunate kickoff event. And that is probably where their luck ended in this game. Having played Humans vs Nurgle multiple times in the PC version of Blood Bowl I knew Nurgle were hard as hell to beat. Indeed, after just a couple of turns I took my first  knocked out players too bad they were key players with skills and not the common linemen. The ball was played up and down across the middle - for a while the humans looked as if they had a chance to break away and toward the opposing touchdown zone, but Chaos players soon regained the initiative, snatched the ball and started running for the Human touchdown zone instead. After a tense and violent first half the Nurgle managed to score a touchdown in their turn 8 by making a "going for it". Score 1-0 to the Nugle team, and multiple brutalized humans in the reserve.

Second half did not go much better for the humans. Being slapped around soon 2 Human linemen ended up in the injury box after a couple more turns the entire human team was smacked to the ground with 3 players in the knocked out box and 3 injuries! Thinking it would be for the best to stall and let the opposing team score their second touchdown the humans still on the pitch refused to stand up. So the Nurgle team refused to score, and proceeded to beating the living crap out of the humans still on the pitch - scoring a touchdown towards the end of second half ending the game 2-0 in points, 3 humans injured, 6 humans knocked out (including the Ogre) and having received just a few "Knocked out" Pestigors and Rotters themselves - saved multiple times during the game by their "regeneration" skill.

Man I hate that "Regeneration" skill the Nurgle guys have, always posed a problem for me in the PC game as well. I think Nurgle are among the most difficult teams to face. Though it was great to actually get to meet that team on the tabletop.


  1. Some bad luck there it seems. I just finished my playoff game and lost to Nurgle. Granted I am still going to the playoffs due to default as it is the commisioners team and he felt it wasn't fair to go to the finals as the guy running it and my two prior matched opponents could not play me.

  2. Damn those Regen-ing Nurgle Sons of...
    Bloodbowl is da awesome, thanx for the report!

  3. Pesky Nurglings! I've got an Orcs vs Undead match up tomorrow!

  4. Excellent Report! - never played Nurgle but I would think they are the best "passive defence" team in the game

  5. Yeah Nurgle are tough with little drawbacks. Especially because you guys are rolling 'fresh' teams. All those starting skills that they have matched with tough warriors means that they come out swinging and crippling your team.
    I give the old raised eyebrow to anyone that does the 'not going to score even though I could easily so that I can lock in the win'.


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