12 March 2012

Brink of Battle Roster and Equipment tables

The Brink of Battle site has been updated with roster sheets which should make life easier when you create your skirmish warbands. You can now also download all the weapon and trait charts for quick reference - they are identical to the one you can find at the back of the rulebook. I already reviewed the rules last week but I think looking at the charts will give you a deeper understanding of all the possibilities you have when building your forces and how you can theme them to fit into one of the 3 periods that make up the historical timeline.

Get them straight from the Brink of Battle homepage HERE

You can now also find a link to the Brink of Battle website directly under the "Links of interest" in the left bar on my blog. You can also follow Robert Faust, creator of the Brink of Battle rules on his own blog which I'm sure will contain updates on all sorts of cool stuff related to the game: http://brinkofbattle.blogspot.com/


  1. BoB looks more and more interesting. I tend to get these whims of playing a new period after seeing a film or reading of a historic event. While they can't justify buying, learning and engaging others in a new game every time, with BoB and some 5 minis, it would appear quite doable.

  2. That's exactly what I feel is the unique selling point of this game :-)

  3. I am the same way! I cant wait to pick these up! I already have some minis from different periods around simply because I liked them. Now I can play games with em. woot.

  4. I'm glad to hear you guys have 'caught the vision' of where I'm going with these rules! Alan will be adding the newly assembled Reference Sheet on the website sometime this week.

    Weds night we are having a pre-release party at The Launchpad comics & games. I'll post photos of the demo games afterward. I can't guarantee they'll look as good as Alex's photos do! ; )

    Thanks for your interest. Next Monday the book goes on sale!

    Noch Weiter!


  5. Just to let you know, we have added the Reference Playsheet for Brink of Battle at our website www.brinkofbattle.com in the Resources section.

    You can see a number of important items on there, such as turn sequence, full list of Standard & Combat Action, as well as the cribsheet for Firearms of all 3 periods.


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