17 March 2012

Empire of the Dead release date and new stuff

So I got the newsletter about the Empire of the Dead which is due to be released during Salute in April. And also noticed all the new stuff related to the book on the West Wind site. Lots of cool stuff.

Empire of the Dead Official Release Date 30th April, 2012
West Wind Productions is set to launch its new game, Empire of the Dead.
The UK based miniature and games design company behind the acclaimed Secrets of the Third Reich system, has announced that after two years of development, the new and much anticipated gaming system is now ready for the gaming public to enjoy.

Set in a darkly Gothic Victorian London, the game pits factions from the forces of good and evil against each other, in a quest for power and influence. The game, which uses West Wind’s highly acclaimed range of 28 mm miniatures, includes an integrated campaign system. This enables players to pursue the aims of their faction through an almost infinite range of scenarios and settings.
Taking its cues from Bram Stoker, Conan Doyle and the rich canon of Gothic horror, Empire of the Dead is set in a world where myth and fable take on a terrifying reality.

As part of the initial launch, the game will see a superb full colour, lavishly illustrated hard back set of rules, featuring evocative illustrations and full colour photographs. Supported by a range of full colour boxed starter sets and special characters.

Announcing the launch, Andy Cooper the creative driver behind the game and MD at West Wind said, ‘The growth in skirmish games and the rich background of the Gothic horror genre, provide the perfect backdrop for Empire of the Dead. We wanted a game which enabled players to immerse themselves in the narrative of the game whilst facing the tactical and strategic challenges that gamers demand. Empire of the Dead offers a host of new challenges for both experienced and novice gamers.’

Also heading over to West Winds site and checking out the EotD range is probably making more than myself excited. Not sure I will buy the faction boxes as I already have a load of Gothic Horror stuff from their Vampire Wars range. But I might buy some of those cool looking characters.  Wish I could attend Salute as the demo for this game looks really damn good with all the city terrain. Check out the demo table HERE

It also seems like West Wind learned from the Secrets of the Third Reich experience and will now release the whole range on day 1. There are a bunch of pre-order deals which limited editions miniatures involved and such so make sure to check that out as well : http://www.westwindproductions.co.uk/catalog/index.php?cPath=204


  1. Too bad EotD is not set in the 18th C.!
    Claire Boisson, marquise de Pompundur zombie hunter!

  2. @abdul666
    Haha! Yes lots of very weird and cool characater combinations would be possible :-D

  3. Did you not already 'translate' rules (SA) to the 18th C.?

  4. In all fairness to WW, seems like EotD has a smaller miniature range which makes it easier to drop at once.


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