05 March 2012

FoW Mid War demo games

Here are a few pictures from some Mid-War demo games played during the weekend, we had 2 aspiring FoW gamers checking out the game. And it was also a great opportunity for both me and David to try out each of our 500pts of painted Germans. I really love the way he has done them sitting around in their foxholes. Looks super cool (and he does not have to paint more than 50% of each model either haha). Anyway, me and David joined forces against a US army that ended up defending. 1000 points per side. In another room there was a horde of Soviets fighting Germans.

Our little North Afrika game went south pretty fast - and I think it was very good to try out my new units before the escalation campaign starts in two weeks to get familiar with the German rules and new ratings. For instance I completely forgot that I had Rate of Fire 3 with all my Panzer III tanks (after all I had made sure to buy models with RoF 3 only while picking units in EasyArmy).  I also reluctantly used "Stormtrooper" a few times, I still think that the rule is rather odd. I ended up going back and forth with my tanks - I should however blame some of the casualties on my German partner since David said 'those Bazookas only fire 4"/10cm'. They fired a bit further, managing to blow up 2 Panzer III over 2 turns while I was tactically outwitted by dug in infantry hiding in the nearby treeline.

The ebb and flow of our battle was also quite funny, the Germans managed to pin down the Americans and David charged head on with his German paratroopers only to lose 3 teams and had to fall back. The following turn David manage to inflict something like 5 casualties to dug in infantry but is 1 team away from forcing the enemy platoon to take a platoon morale check. Enemy Bazookas kept missing tanks in the open but always hitting tanks in concealment, and enemy artillery also managed to knock out 1 Pz III. We also had an enemy sniper kill 1 of our Paratrooper mortar teams. I also think that both me and David suffered from the mandatory "new painted stuff must die" LOL.

All in all I think the game summarized FoW perfectly and showed both infantry, tank and artillery rules in a good way. Hopefully this will attract a few more gamers to the FoW crowd here in Southern Sweden.

Also received an SMS from Patrik this evening, telling me he is getting into By Fire and Sword by the end of the month. I replied that it served him right for having lured me into Mid-War gaming against my better judgment haha. There are so many events and varied stuff going on at the moment, I really think that the spring and summer will be great for wargaming.

I'm also currently writing on the review for "Brink of Battle" a new and very exciting 28mm skirmish game which I'm going to try out with a friend this week. And this coming weekend the FoW crowd here in the Lund area will have an "Iron painter" competition (painting FoW models for 24hours) so it's going to be a pretty exciting week :-)


  1. Wait...you don't use Stormtrooper every chance you get?
    It's the definitive rule of the Axis forces in Flames of War.
    The cost of that rule is built into every unit available to them. It's the primary reason why German forces are more compact than any other in the game.
    Heck, you can bet I'll be packing Van Saucken into every Grey Wolf list I can....I fail Stormtrooper rolls like nobody's business.
    Seems an odd choice to not take advantage of a very strong tactical ability built right into everything you put on the table, or to do so 'reluctantly.'
    Do your allied opponents feel bad about using stabilizers, time on target, tally-ho, or the horrific new Seek, Strike, Destroy on your Axis army?

  2. I just think it is such a cartoony and ahistorical rule. There are many others in the game, but this one stands out the most to me. It is also a contrast to national/special rules found in games like By Fire and Sword where the national special rules are grounded in historical facts, actual tactics or have a somewhat better understanding of the national character of each force.

    Imo, the better German rule in FoW is "Mission tactics".

    Now pretty much every single German unit across the board can stormtrooper - no matter which period of the war it takes place or what kind of organization it belongs to.

    I can't agree with this, it stands out as "silly/stupid" to me. I would not worry about "points balance" and the Stormtrooper rule being paid for because the points as I see it are more invested in Veteran rating and Mission tactics more than anything.

    Discussions among fellow gamers about Stormtrooper have brought up interesting tactical perceptions. Such as Early War Germans should be able to use it - to move forwards. While Late War Germans should use it to move backwards (firing and then withdrawing to the next position).

    I use the rule, but do so reluctantly. The idea behind it is good but the execution in the rules is bad imo.


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