11 March 2012

Iron Painter 2012 Lund

The FoW gang in southern Sweden held their own "Iron Painter" 24 hour painting marathon contest this weekend. Basically all the guys who had been playing the last two FoW tournaments, so everybode knew everybody. Lots of junk food, beer and poop jokes - it was great.

It was the first time I had been paiting outside my own house, I merely brought three Panzer III J which were the last PzIII I had to paint for my desert army (still waiting for PzII's, the Tiger and soem AA trucks to arrive). The event started roughly 12.00, and was supposed to last until 12.00 this Sunday. I went home yesterday around 22.00 after finally after much struggle having finished my three tanks (there will be a tutorial on how I paint my Afrika Korps tanks posted soon).

Too many inside jokes to tell which could not be understood, but the highlight of the day was when Martin was assembling his Italian Lancia da 90/53 cars for something like 6 hours LOL! They came in a million pieces with no instructions. Very funny. From what I heard, Martin endured the night and won the Iron Painter prize.

I was actually reluctant to show up, school had been such a giant pile of shit the entire week so I was pretty tired and burned out – did not feel like painting anything. But I’m glad I joined in and forced myself to finish something. After this week I should be able to get back to painting By Fire and Sword stuff as the most rough patch of this semester will be done with.

Anyway here's a bunch of pictures I took throughout the day.
Next weekend is a terrain building workshop, where the tables for the upcoming escalation campaign will be built. The campaign itself starts the week after that.


  1. Sounds like a GREAT time! I always prefer painting with others around to talk to.

    I'm also happy to find out that poop jokes being enjoyed by men is a universal truth that crosses national cultures.

  2. 'I was actually reluctant to show up, school had been such a giant pile of shit the entire week so I was pretty tired and burned out – did not feel like painting anything.'

    Sounds like my past week (and next week coming up) at uni - I have a ridiculously large amount to do, painting will take a hit, as will sanity.

  3. things got even worse as the night proceeded. laeter we all split up with only "100 meter martin" remaining at the painting table and when we returned he had just went to bed. he woke up less than an hour later and got back on the (amazing) , proverbial horse. many hours of great company and painting. i will attend the next time ill get an opportunity.

    the prices for best paintjob and best iron painter went to andreas and martin- both who donated the gift sertificates to they got to the local club.

    thank you anatoli and thanks to the other guys!

  4. Sounds like fun. Anatoli, what type of camera/lighting setup do you use? Your pics always turn out great!

  5. @Faust, I use a Samsung ST600 14.2 Megapixel camera (though I take most pictures at a somewhat lower resolution - around 8).

    I also edit pictures whenever the light is off in ACDsee Pro. Did not need to do this as much with these pictures though as we had good light down there.

  6. Can't imagine doing somehtign like this, but I guess we al sort of do it all the time with our "Must get that finished" mentalities? Sounds like a great time.

  7. @Zombie Ad, too true about that. Non-gamers always think that you love every second of the time spent on painting. While I do enjoy painting, roughly half of the time I paint stuff just to complete a project and be able to play, forcing my brushes to work for countless hours in and out just for the mental reward of completing a force. That feeling is truly great, and playing with freshly painted stuff is awesome. But I would probably never try to paint up a horde of 15mm stuff again (my Polish Early War company with roughly 300 soldiers was a pain in the ass).


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