31 March 2012

Malifaux Guild Exorcist

Got a bunch of Malifaux "Guild" miniatures to paint on commission. The commission also includes resin "graveyard" bases which I will paint separately once I'm done with the miniatures. The customer will attach the models onto the bases himself so that nothing breaks during the shipping back to him.

Some of the models will be painted a bit darker than the Wyrd original paintjobs, especially the Judge and the Death Marshalls. There will be a Black/White theme with details in red and green.

Here's the first miniature painted up, the Exorcist.


  1. Very nice, Anatoli! I've actually got the Guild Guard on my paint tray and I'm going for a 'Union' blue look, too!

  2. Thanks guys. The customer actually wants the rest of the miniatures to be dark/black. Not the best color to take pictures of prior to matt varnishing but I did as he wished. Will post pictures of the Judge and Death Marshals shortly. There is actually a large cue of really cool posts standing in line haha - been very busy with painting this week :-D

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