22 March 2012

New Snow White movie more exciting than Diablo III

Seriously what is going on here?

Saw a long trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman yesterday and it looked fucking awesome! Even that zombie face Kristen Stewart didn't bother me and actually looked as if fit the role of this particular rendition of the story. Charlize Theron being evil, awesome effects, battles, great looking scenery and costumes. The almost 5 minute long extended trailer pretty much gave away the whole movie - I think they really want to win over those who are very hesitant to see Kristen Stewart by showing how awesome the rest of the movie is. Actually Kristen Stewart was pretty badass in the extended trailer so I'm sold on the whole idea and movie.

What I can't understand is how I can be this excited about a Snow White movie compared to other stuff on the horizon, like Diablo III. True enough I was never a huge fan of the first Diablo - I thought it was mind numbingly boring to walk down stairs within the same location for hours on end just grinding. I did like Diablo 2 mainly because story felt somewhat more fleshed out and compelling, it had open levels for you to roam. And even though it was a simple hack and slash it had a great feel to it with the gritty artwork and graphics supported by the superb soundtrack.

So when Diablo III was announced I was optimistic, and then the more stuff leaked or was released about the title the less I liked it. The new graphics are cartoony (looks like Warcraft 3 and nowhere as dark and gothic as Diablo 2), bodies and blood disappear from the ground instead of leaving a nice mess. The new classes are "meh", constant internet connection and other shit. It just wasn't as exciting anymore. But I think the last nail in the coffin for my enthusiasm was the latest cinematic trailer where the story was revealed - or rather "why we have a Diablo III" because if you have played the Diablo games you know that evil is locked into crystals in each game and supposedly it had been all locked away in D2 and the expansion.

So now a new demon appears and goes all "I hid away, now I'm back and I will be the new great evil - muahahaha". What a lame-ass embryo of a story. Not only did it sound stupid and made little sense (if he is going to be the new evil does it mean that there is already a great evil in place -because if there isn't then he is automatically the "new" evil by mere existence), the video just looked goofy. And the new bad guy looks has a face that looks like a pigs ass and lives in "Dark mountain" or some crap.

The reason I compare these two is because I happened to see both trailers pretty much back to back last night. But I can honestly say that the Snow White movie looks more exciting than most upcoming stuff in terms of movies as well. I was really looking forward to Prometheus and the first teaser looked amazing. The new Prometheus trailer with voices included is less thrilling and brought down my expectations by two notches. And so far the new Batman trailers have been pretty unexciting as well - I just don't like the new villains and the weirdo looking Anne Hathaway in particular. With her freakish looks (those staring puppet eyes and wide mouth) she would have made a superb Harley Quinn if the Joker was still around.

So I've got to congratulate Snow White for something so unimaginable as to (imo) being able to beat all other upcoming movies in terms of fresh and exciting content and for not riding on a already established franchise or series. I wish Diablo III would have the balls to go in another direction with the story than just provide a lame excuse for grinding endlessly for the same reason again. Sadly it just looks like a "T for Teen" rated button mashing one sentence plot of a game...


  1. It looks great! And a Kristen Stewart movie where something actually happens other than whining sounds like a great improvement :-)

  2. That looks awesome! Can't wait to yell my sons we're going to see Snow White....

  3. Yea, I thought the Snow White movie had some potential to it, looks like it has some nice twists on it.

  4. I don't think Diablo fans have waited this long to fight a tubby demon with epic ass-chin. At least the 3D candle modeler did his job...

  5. Yeah "going to the Snow White movie" will certainly be a weird thing to say to your friends as well haha, but it looks so good!

    @Lee, I think the new demon is lame as hell, and while I will most likely try the game before passing final judgment - it doesn't look as good as Diablo II. There are plenty of hour long gameplay videos on YouTube and they don't look very exciting.


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