13 March 2012

Painting Deutsche Afrika Korps tanks my way

My way of painting Deutsche Afrika Korps

Paints used:

Foundation Khemri Brown
Foundation Dheneb Stone
Foundation Calthan Brown
Foundation Charadon Granite
Citadel Wash Badab Black
Citadel Wash Devlan Mud
Vallejo Black
Vallejo Dead White
GW Boltgun metal

Start off by undercoating the miniature with black primer.

Step 1) Cover the model (everything except the tracks) with Khemri brown. Follow up by giving it a generous wash of Devlan Mud.

Step 2) Give it a drybrush of Khemri Brown and Dheneb stone mixed together (75-25 in favor of Khemri Brown) so that the only visible Devlan Mud remain in deep cracks and corners where dirt would gather.

Step 3) Drybrush the miniature, (in a sensible way - don't overdo it), with black so that all surfaces look really worn and dirty.

Step 4) Mix Khemri Brown and Dheneb stone again (75-25) and start cleaning up the miniature until you are happy with the amount of dirt and lighter shades of wear and tear still visible.

Step 5) Now take pure black and go over edges, corners and areas where you want the paint to be extra worn and chipped away. I use both the brush tip (dotting) and the side of the brush (rubbing)  to paint this step. If you want “sprinkled” dirt take a destroyed/really worn out brush and dip it in some black paint, wipe away the excess paint and just give the miniature a few hits with the blunt tip.

Also go over all details such as the tools with black paint to give them a basecoat.

Step  6) Go over all tools and metal objects with Calthan Brown for wood and Boltgun metal for metal areas, make sure to wash the Boltgun metal with Badab Black.

Step 7)
Highlight the model with pure Dheneb Stone. Use a fine detail brush for this as you go over edges that you wish to highlight, I also paint over some of the wear and tear previously painted during this step as sort of a final cleanup process.

Step 8) Tracks and wheels. Basecoat all tracks and wheels with black paint.  Now take Calthan brown and water it down a LOT. It should not cover the black paint at all but rather run down into all the cracks and dry into this thin brownish sheet that resembles dry rust more than the pure brown color of Calthan Brown. Once dry, follow this up with Devlan Mud to darken the tracks further.

And you are done. Here are a few pictures against better background and group picture of all the Panzer III which are going to be part of my 1500pts DAK 15. Panzer army.


  1. great looking tanks!

    Are those Plastic Soldier Company with home made barrels?

  2. @Indie

    Yep,the new barrels are the same diameter as the old plastic ones - but about twice as long. Made them out of a metal rod. They are probably not 100% accurate in terms of length, but at this scale I figure 1mm one way or the other won't make a difference. All I cared about was that the modified barrels shared the same length.

  3. Excellent work



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