10 March 2012

Plastic Soldier Company PzIII F G H box (review)

This is far from first review of Plastic Soldier Company 15mm tanks on the internet, but this is my first box of 15mm miniatures from that manufacturer so I thought I would put together a review anyway.

The box contains 5 sprues of Panzer III tanks that can be built as models F, G and H. You get a little instruction leaflet telling you which parts are used for which model and also how to put together your miniature. This is probably the cheapest option for 15mm vehicles in relation to quality. I got one box of these for 170SEK, which makes it 34SEK per tank while the average resin/metal model goes for pretty much twice the money around these parts. (Got the second box as a price from the last FoW tournament),

But not only is the price attractive. The greatest feature of plastic models is obviously not having to be scared of chipping the paint, of them shattering if you accidently drop them and you don't have to be as picky about the way your store them in between games. A plastic container or cardboard box is pretty much enough compared to the requirement of a army transport bag for your resin and metal stuff. Building the miniatures you can leave chunks unassembled to ease your painting of all parts, such as the tracks.

The tradeoff is obviously clear when you look at the sprue. There are quite a few parts to cut away, trim and glue together. And if you have super glue/contact glue like I have, the first tank will be a pain in the ass. My recommendation is to not make the first vehicle you glue together the "command vehicle", wait with that one until you get the hang of how to best put the vehicles together. If you are a pedantic trimmer and cleaner like me - building one of these tanks takes roughly 30-40 minutes per tank.

I think it really depends whether you have more time or money. If you have more money I don't see the point of getting the PSC stuff despite the high quality as the building time will be putting people used to buying "ready to paint" models off. If you have more time however, this is a great money saver.

4.5 / 5

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