29 March 2012

Polish cossack style cavalry - full squadron (BF&S)

Painted up my second cossack style cavalry company, now I can field a full squadron of 6 stands if I wish. Really needed another company for the game this weekend so they had priority over everything else I had to paint this week. Still have 1 company of Pancerni and 1 company of Winged Hussars left to paint after this - but that will have to wait until after the weekend. Really enjoy painting these guys, they are actually not such a pain to paint despite them being very irregular looking (maybe that's part of the fun). It's really important they are fun to paint because I will need another box of these guys to complete the Polish royal cavalry regiment ( I want it to be bigger than minimum size so that I can legally field more Winged hussar stands).


  1. Great use of colour, nice flag too!!

  2. Thanks guys, it will be great to play with these on Saturday :-)

  3. Looking good, great use of colour nice and tight but still a sense of individuality.



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