26 March 2012

Polish Dragoon regiment dismounted miniatures

Got back to painting By Fire and Sword miniatures, beside the ongoing FoW North Africa campaign my main excitement stems from an upcoming proper game against a fellow BF&S collector and aspiring gamer, William, at the end of this month (31st). I hope to paint up as much as I possibly can so I can meet his Ottoman army. We have a few players really getting started with collecting and painting miniatures for the game in the local area - so I hope pictures from the battle will motivate them into painting faster.

I figured I would finish my Dragoon regiment first. The dismounted miniatures are now all painted. Only thing left is 4 stands of mounted dragoons. After that I will most likely paint another company of cossack style cavalry. Pictures of the complete Dragoon regiment will follow shortly.


  1. Lovely job! Dont know why but I always think of Polish lancers for this period.

  2. Great work, love the F&S range of miniatures. Is the flag included with these guys? And how did you get that "wave" effect on the flag?

    Make sure we get some pics of the battle vs the Ottomans!!!

  3. @Vladd309, yep the flag is one of the original flags included in the boxed set. I just bent it with my hands.

    There will most certainly be pictures from the battle on Saturday :-D

    @Paul, I really like this period. Over a year ago I looked into miniatures for a Polish 17th century army in 28mm but could not find models for everything I needed - and it would have been crazy expensive.

  4. Lovely unit and great paintwork, looking forward to a batrep!

  5. They look really neat , very well painted.


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