04 March 2012

Sci Fi game and movie convention 2012

The annual Sci-Fi convention in Malmö was held this weekend, so I went there with a couple of friends. Actually had a minor adventure in the morning prior to going, as I thought I had lost my wallet and searched for it like mad for over an hour. Only once I was in my car and on my way did I find it tucked into a tight spot where it was almost invisible. I had checked the car 3 times during my search but not seen it! By then I had also already reported my drivers license and credit card lost *facepalm*....

The convention was held in the same place as last year, I hate that spot. But this year it seemed to have attracted a ton of people so we actually had to stand in line to get in and the place was packed. Might sound stupid, but I prefer it like this - last year was depressing as hell. Main reason for going this year was because Robert Patrick was one of the guests, but he dropped out due to getting a new role in some upcoming TV show - he was nonetheless replaced by the equally cool Lance Henriksen. However I had already met that him on one previous convention and also already had his autograph (very nice guy if you can judge someone based upon a few minutes worth of contact).

At least I saved some money on the autographs part. There were the usual vendors with all kinds of cool stuff, crap, junk, movies, stuff you don't need but that looks cool, silly, props, t-shirts, pictures, posters, t-shirts and games. I circled a couple of times and took pictures of most of the stuff present at the convention. There was also a preview of Mass Effect 3, and had a few consoles lined up for those interested in trying it out. To me it looked really boring and had a "Call of Duty" vibe. My friend said it looked exactly as Gears of War, I thought the graphics looked like wet plastic. It could have been the fault of console graphics, but the game still looked like no fun.

The other celebrities on location were Richard Gibson "Herr Flick" and "Helga" Kim Hartman from Allo Allo. Both looked a lot more happy than last year’s "Gruber". On the other hand, these two had a steady stream of fans approaching them for autographs and pictures. Then there was Jenette Goldstein, "Vasquez" from Aliens. Kane Hodder the actor playing "Jason" in the Friday the 13th movies, Tim Rose the dude playing admiral Ackbar in Star Wars Episode VI (my buddy Calle got his autograph LOL). And Joe Flanigan from Stargate Atlantis.

And Kristanna Loken. The interesting thing about Loken was that she had been booked 3 times before for the convention in previous years and always dropped out for one reason or the other, she showed up this year - but I could honestly not recognize her. Her aide and she looked so similar that I could not tell them apart, and she also left early looking quite bored while the other actors stayed and signed stuff.

There were some pretty funny stuff here and there, most of which I caught on camera (such as the usual assortment of really REALLY crappy C-grade movies) and can be seen on the photos in this post, like the assheads from South Partk LOL!

The only thing I bought today was a pretty cool ”Joker” bobblehead.


  1. Glad you found your wallet. Even though you already cancelled your cards. Done that myself a few years ago.

    The Sci-fi fair looked awesome would of loved to have had a look round. Thanks for posting up the pics

  2. Looks like an awesome con, would have loved to visit that!


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