09 March 2012

Spiral bound FoW v.3 rulebook

Got around to spiral bind my version 3 Flames of War rulebook. I was simply afraid to open the paperback too much at the off risk breaking it. I can wholeheartedly recommend to spiral binding your paperback rulebook, pages can be flipped and it can be left open on the table without any wear and tear to the binding. You can’t really do that with a hardback either, and since my eyesight isn’t bad meaning I can read the small text –I think I will simply stick to this small one. It also weighs a lot less than the hardback books – carrying the hardback rulebook and a campaign book around adds up in weight.

The spiral binding cost me roughly 10$, a transparent plastic front and back cover was included in the price. Got this spiral binding done in a local book and office supplies shop it’s not as pretty as the one’s you can get done get in the UK and US (we don’t have Staples in Sweden) but still worth it.


  1. Yeah, where did you do it? in Malmö?

  2. At "Lexis" in Lund. It's near Domkyrkan on the university campus.

  3. Thanks!
    I have new Polish military book for you.

  4. @AT73
    Cool, I loved the one about the Warsaw Uprising and the armored train :-D


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