21 March 2012

Terrain building workshop with the FoW guys

Joined the terrain building workshop this weekend as the guys were making additional desert tables and terrain for our upcoming North Africa escalation/Firestorm campaign.
The place looked like hell, but a bunch of stuff was made. 6 or 7 boards, bunch of hills and cliffs, I was making these weirdo looking trees out of poker markers and screws - sounded crazy but they looked pretty good with clump foliage and flock glued on towards the end.

Patrik was in charge of the whole operation, as usual - being our "Event Führer" and knowing what needed to be done. Brought my camera as usual to take some pictures.Mikael and Andreas snuck away halfway through and started playing an eastern front battle in another room. I would have joked and called them lazy fuckers, but Mikael had glued and built half of the new tables while Andreas had been sitting by alone and inhaling fumes from the hotwire cutting tool as he was working on making hills out of foamboard for several hours.

Looking foward to next weekend, when the campaign will kick off. I kinda wish something similar had been made with Early War so I could have played my Polish army, but everyone seems overly enthusiastic about fighting in the desert. It will also be very interesting to see what Patrik have planned for the mega battle on the 14th next month (also North Africa), only thing we know is that it will be a siege where Allies are defending and Germans and Italians are attacking - and there will be a game master and random events and something resembling a storymode.


  1. Interesting. I hadn't thought of using screws as tree bases before... do you find that you stab your hand often? I would worry about that since I'm clumsy, although I am going to steal this idea.

  2. Its super using screws. Alot of surfice that the foilage can stick to. And it hurts clumpsy peapole trying to destroy the terrain.
    (Event fhurer)

  3. I do like that they can also be used as weapons, or traps for that matter.

  4. Looks like you got a lot of work done, love the screw trees, what a great idea! At least you know they're not going to get bent.


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