03 March 2012

Two 28mm Early War Polish Soldiers

Received these two miniatures from Sebastian over at korwinminiatures/KudarGames during the week. Having seen that I paint and deal with a lot of Polish WW2 stuff he sent me these as a gift. They measure up rather well with the Bolt Action Miniatures range Poles I already had. The standing models is somewhat shorter and the helmet on the BAR gunner is slightly smaller than that of the other BAM soldiers bit the difference is acceptable.

So a pair of nice additions to my Polish Early War 28mm collection. Only thing I would remark upon is that the metal was very hard. Already contacted Sebastian about this issue, I hope he can work out a slightly softer white metal alloy so that trimming becomes easier.


  1. Geez these look good. I must resist purchasing additional armies because they look good.


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