16 March 2012

Zvezda Junkers 87 Stuka review

This is something I bought to act as "flying artillery" for my 15. Panzer DAK army since the initial 1500pts will be tanks and AA trucks only.

The model is from Zvezda, and dirt cheap. And with the new Flames of War rules you only need 1 airplane model to represent your air support - so double win!

The quality of the casting is nothing spectacular, but it is made up of very few pieces with "snap fit" and there is almost no cleanup needed. Assembly time, 2 minutes. It comes with transfers and a cool but FoW rulewise "illegal" flying base. The new flying base standard seem to be 40mm wide base and 50mm high stick onto which you attach the airplane. Makes no sense for Stuka bombers but what can you do.

The miniature is 1/144 scale, but I think it works well and it is basically just a fancy marker which is removed in between turns.

Zvezda have lots of popular air support options for FoW in their range, and I can really recommend these as a cheap substitute option to the one's from Battlefrot.


  1. It's cool!
    The scale is not the best but it's good for your objectives.

    Maybe the perfect scale will be 1/100, but I think no one will complain!

    1. nope, no one will complain. I remember many players in France using die-casts, and everything was fine.

  2. Actually, the weird thing is that the Flames of War air support miniatures are 1/144 scale for some reason.

  3. zvevda makes great models but some of them are cast i an plastic that paint wont adhere to. that is a frustrating situation when your amazing paint-job peels off like a shed snake skin. their planes look great and are insanely price worthy.

    the v3 aircraft los rules are crazy btw..

  4. Thanks for the info Thomas, I will have that in mind and was my plane before I start undercoating it.


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