09 April 2012

Afrika Korps Panzer II F Platoon

A platoon of 4 PzII F tanks ready for battle. Badly needed recon vehicles, I don't really expect them to do much harm with their puny range of their main guns. Maybe tie up some infantry or take objectives until the real tanks roll up. Miniatures are from Forged in Battle. These painted up real well and quickly due to the large amount of angles and details which works perfectly with the way I paint Afrika Korps vehicles.

Now I only have 1 Tiger tank and 3x 20mm AA trucks left to paint and I'll have complete 1500pts Mid-War army.


  1. Looking really greatk...As normal

  2. I have found the Panzer II to be a real work horse. Great tank in Early war primarily an infantry and armor car killer. Still holds its own in a mid-war list.

  3. It also has all the recon rules in Mid War which is excellent as it can't be killed/bailed by small regular infantry weapons firing at its front armor. Something you need considering the rather crappy range of the 2cm main gun.


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