12 April 2012

Afrika Korps SdKfz 10/4 2cm Flack 30 platoon

My halftrack anti aircraft platoon, single barrel 2cm. The main role of these guys will be to protect my Tiger tank. A trio of these should be enough to take down 1-2 airplanes as the gun has a decent rate of fire and adequate firepower.

Really happy that my Afrika Korps project is finally complete. To tell the truth I got rather bored painting vehicles towards the end. The 15. Panzer company is now finished for the time being. I may expand with some infantry and reconnaissance cars in the future - but for the time being I will shift my focus to other ongoing projects of mine which also need to be completed.

The models are Forged in Battle, you get 3 in one blister. There is a tiny amount of variation on these vehicles, mainly the expanded metal area which has some discarded ammo clips and such sculpted onto it. The three crews are pretty similar but have had 1 different guy per crew. Due to the guys standing around the gun there was very little room to swing the gun about so I glued it in place - wasn't happy to do it but it had to be done to avoid chipping and bent gun barrels.


  1. Always nice to complete a project, good job!

  2. Thanks Adam, yep feels really nice to finish a project. Now focuswill shift to By Fire & Sword over the next couple of weeks.

  3. i got my mobile AA platoon a few days ago and i do second your oppinions on the models. they are really crisp and avarything looks reat eccept for one of the drivers who have a leather face look.


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